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Mostly lame cookie cutter pop star stuff, but perfect for a girls night out songs. :)   Sorry it was supposed to be the Rockstar playlist this week, but Kelli just decided to go on vacation, and my playlist was a little to short to be worthy of anything, and I really needed her extra boost. So that one can be next week. haha Hopefully you  know that usually I don’t spell girls “gurlz”

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper (classic)
  • G.N.O.- Miley Cyrus
  • Telephone- Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
  • That’s What Girls Do- No Secrets
  • Goodbye- Kristina DeBarge
  • Escapade- Janet Jackson
  • We Belong to the Music- Timbaland ft. Miley Cyrus
  • Cinderella- The Cheetah Girls
  • Girls & Boys- Good Charlotte
  • This Ones For The Girls- Martina McBride
  • Public Affair- Jessica Simpson
  • My Life- The Slumber Party Girls
  • Spice Up Your Life- Spice Girls
  • Piece of Me- Britney Spears
  • Breakout- Miley Cyrus
  • Pretty Much Amazing- Joanna
  • Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
  • Wannabe- Spice Girls
  • Alter Ego- The Clique Girlz
  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it)- Beyonce
  • IFeel Like a Woman- Shania Twain
  • B Who You Wanna B- Barbie
  • The Texting Song- The Slumber Party Girls
  • Friday I’ll be Over You- Allison Iraheta

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Well you know how I was kind of feeling like a bad friend, because of the whole Kiera thing? Today when I was SUPER bored I found this confession website, and I was reading them. They are pretty funny/horrible. Here is an example.

“I was jealous of my best friend for going out with a guy I like so I put nair in her shampoo. Now she has bald spots all over!”

What a great best friend! Aren’t you glad I don’t do stuff like that….. Well actually…. You never know! You might want to check your shampoo bottles or something….

Guilty Pleasure: Move On (You hooked me)

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Kelli I laughed for like 10 minutes when I saw your beautiful picture. Who ever said boredom wasn’t productive never met us. Ok so today Sydnie and me were not feeling 100% so we’ve been having a a bit of a girl day. You know watching chick flicks ect. Anyways we watched Princess Diaries, and we found this great music video in the bonus features http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJZV-fIgmKI&mode=related&search= Just make sure you watch 1:22-1:30. Great dance moves. I mean it. They give Atomic Kitten a run for their money. Well gotta go I think next up is A Walk To Remember. Oh yeah a I think the next list I make will be Our Top Chick Flicks…. hmmm…
Guilty Pleasure: I Think I Love You – Kaci

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