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Well we are super excited for summer. One of the best things about college is the fact that summer comes so early. We are still trying to get used to the idea that we don’t have to go to school at all next month. WHOO! So anyways besides our usual summer activites here are some of our summer goals for the year.

  • Attend a Rodeo
  • Pull an All Nighter
  • Attend the wedding of someone we do not know
  • Wear our shirts backwards/inside out all day and keep a tally of how many people tell us.
  • Do the Sky Coaster (bungee jumping, but not really because you are actually laying down, and it’s more of a giant swing or something)
  • Get a better ribbon in our matched pairs horse show
  • Go to the Fair
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house.
  • dye our hair a new color possibly purple.
  • Improve at soccer
  • Continue our Team Splash amazingness (we tube a river on various tubes including a Lobster, a Seahorse/Dragon, and a giant sea turtle. And laugh when people are in giant professional rafts)
  • Earn money (college is expensive… espeically when you waste money like we do)

Completed Summer Goals of the past

  • Dye hair blue
  • Meet a dog bigger than Lindsi
  • Give someone a disgustingly made cake
  • Trick someone into thinking we are a foriegn exchange student
  • Go to a Llamafest
  • Take the Lobster Challenge
  • Do the Fair horse show
  • Dye our hair pink
  • Make Team Splash T-shirts (this might not count… apparently you should read instructions before doing iron on transfers)
  • Be in the 4th of July Parade
  • Ride a mechanical bull

P.S. In case you are wondering we don’t ever dye our whole head those colors… although I guess you just never know… maybe when it’s green year…. j/k

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Well we totally can’t wait for SPRING BREAK! Why? Because we will totally be road trippin. Seriously what is better than a good road trip? Ummm… nothing. We’ve been wanting to do this for years.  So here is our guide to having a fantastic road trip. (We haven’t done one of these in forever)

Things Needed For Every Great Road Trip

  • Sunglasses (we would live in sunglasses if we could)
  • A camera. We take the strangest photos on vacations. Just wait… you’ll see 
  • Windows that roll all the way down (what’s up with those annoying backseat ones that only go like half way?)
  • Stopping at totally weird old looking gas stations
  • At least one of those gas stations should be a Sinclair so you can get your picture taken on one of those giant green dinosaurs.
  • Candy and Pop preferably Diet Coke with Lime
  • Good Music (this is probably the most important thing of all. We are great supporters of the mix cd.)

The Road Trip Play-list

  • Road Trippin- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Open Road Song- Eve 6
  • Bye Bye- Jodee Messina
  • Night Drive- All American Rejects
  • The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
  • Thunder- Boys Like Girls
  • Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts (maybe… we aren’t huge fans of Rascal Flatts anymore)
  • Now or Never- Oranthi
  • Brat Pack- The Rocket Summer
  • Bring em Out- Hawk Nelson
  • Perfect Day- Hoku
  • Le Disko- Shiny Toy Guns
  • No Sleep Tonight- The Faders
  • The Future Freaks Me Out- Motion City Soundtrack
  • Perfect Scene- Mercy Mercedes
  • Grand Theft Autum- Fall Out Boy
  • Hook Me Up- The Veronicas

And like a million more, but I’m sure no one wants to read a list of  100 weird songs so we’ll leave it right there.  Seriously if people looked through either one of our iTunes libraries…. *shudders* Anyways if you guys can think of any other fantastic on the road songs tell us. Peace out!

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First off we would like to give a shout out to Brett. So hola Brett and welcome to our blog. Remind us to thank Zachary later for spreading the word. Next order of business is a little guide to some awesome New Years Resolutions.

  1. Don’t be cliche. Exercising everyday, quitting gossip, eating healthy, and being on time is so yesterday.
  2. Don’t make a resolution you know you will never complete (i.e. the ones mentioned above)
  3. Have a resolution you’ve never had before. Variety is the spice of life. (something we live by)

Here are some examples of our resolutions.

  • Put cat picture on kittenwar and win.
  • Break our mitten game record
  • Add to the dress up wardrobe
  • Survive one more semester
  • Go to the same college next year (Go Wolverines!)
  • Wear more green
  • Win the music challenge
  • Compete in a matched pairs competition (horse showing)
  • Become better spys
  • Make a blockbuster run that only lasts 10 minutes.

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The holidays are a time for caring. There are so many ways to show you care. There’s those salvation army people ringing bells outside of stores, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or just saving Wolverine. Our sense of justice was offended when we saw this little mouse in the mouse bin at Petco and knew he would become food for a giant boa constrictor someday. No more! SAVED! Another good deed by Kelli and Sadie (much to the chagrin of Sadie’s mom).

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Here is a list of the best inventions ever made. In no particular order

  • Laser Tag- if you are ever bored and happen to have $20 you should definitley go pick some up. Hours of entertainment.
  • The Repeat Button- this is pretty much what our CD players live on since we always have a certain song we love and listen to over and over and over. Right now it’s “Rockstar by Prima J”
  • Youtube- You can find the most hilarious things on here. Home made music videos are always good. Or you can just find really really weird stuff. Either way though youtube pretty much just rocks.
  • The blog- no explanation needed.
  • Instant Messaging- we love instant messaging. We IM way more than we ever talk on the phone or text. Plus Im has awesome stuff on it like notepads you can draw each other pictures, and you can play games, and send each other music… genius.
  • Web cams- These are pretty awesome especially in combination with IM because then you can see facial expressions or play charades with whoever you are IMing.
  • The video camera- for obvious reasons. I mean just watch youtube.

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Well, it’s time for the world to know about the Ugly Clothes Game. Probably one of the best games ever invented, and since we mentioned it a couple of times in here we thought we’d make it the joint effort of the week. Enjoy!

How to Play The Ugly Clothes Game
by Sadie and Kelli

This game takes at least 3 people, but is better with more. Basically each player is assigned another player and they go out and try to find the ugliest clothes possible. Then everyone has to try on the clothes given to them by the other player. Everyone comes out wearing hideous clothes, laughing ensues, and whoever chooses the worst outfit wins and gets to pick who they want to choose clothes for next.

Helpful Hints and Tips:
Department Stores work best (bigger dressing rooms/more ugly clothes)
Always browse the clearance racks
Mix patterns and colors you usually wouldn’t
Don’t be afraid to venture into the Granny Section

May get kicked out of JC Penny’s if the dressing room is small.**

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Much to our delight Last night it snowed! YEAH!!! In honor of this great event we decided a post about the awesome stuff you can do in the snow was in order…

How to Have an Awesome Time in the Snow
by: Sadie & Kell

1. Horseback riding in the snow
-Suggestion: Go bareback its warmer
– Play the mitten game
+How to play: You’ll need two Players for this game, Each player will ride to opposite ends Of the Field. One will be holding the mitten (we prefer to use a pixie glove) and the other will be the catcher. Make sure you decide ahead of time which hand you will use. Right means you will be riding past on each others right sides and left hand left sides, we play right handed. both riders turn after reaching their end of the field. The mitten holder the hand holding the mitten triumphantly in the air when they are ready. The catcher lifts their receiving hand in the air to show they are ready. Both riders drop their hands and urge their horses to lope, making sure they are still on the correct side. As the riders pass each other the mitten holder reaches out and so does the catcher. The goal is to have the mitten end up in the catchers hand. You count each successful pass in a row and try to break your own or someone else’s records.
-Tubing behind the horses can be a good time if you are careful.

2. Go sledding
– This may seem childish but sledding is ALWAYS fun. Race, do tricks, if you are Kelli’s little brother sled off the church roof.
-Tow a sled behind a four wheeler if you have one, and a good field to do it in.

3. Have a snowball fight
– Boys throw harder, but they are probably more fun to play with.

4. Build a snowman
-It’s best if you can make this snowman look like someone specific.

5. Make snow angels

6. If you can find a good place you can go penguin sliding. Any place flat and icy will work out nicely.

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