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We got our Christmas tree yesterday, and today I went Christmas shopping. Definitely a fantastic activity. It just puts you in the Christmasy mood! I love people that are easy to shop for. I.E. Sydnie. She wants everything. Bad example: You. I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get you. (Hints would be welcome) So on this little shopping excursion I went to the local Barnes and Noble, and I saw an interesting thing…. it was a lady with a mustache. And I don’t mean some wispy little hairs… it was a SERIOUS mustache, and I don’t know if I need to remind you or not, but I was at Barnes and Noble not a circus.

Guilty Pleasure: Romeo: Basement Jaxx
Obsession: Starlight: Muse


P.S. You forgot “mucho love” You always tell me you hate that, and for a good reason.

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Toodles will take the prize as numero Uno. Nothing is annoying like someone saying tootles or Toodleoo. Who even invented that??

Saying “human” or “humongous” or that kind of word with out the H. “Uman”, “Umongous” it just seems ridiculous.

That rubber and glue saying from elementary. It bugged me then and it bugs me now I don’t really know why,  but really I’m like rubber your like glue? There is nothing great about being rubber, and besides that means if you were like “wow you look really cute today!” and the other person was “rubber” they couldn’t even have the compliment.

Oy vey! is next… I say exclaim in English if you have to exclaim

People who say don’t got. In Jr high, kids said this all the time and I just never understood why. I don’t got no pencil!

Guilty pleasure- Thant Hannah Montana song. See you again. how annoying I hate it when I like really annoying music

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3– The number of times I have won Settlers in the past 2 days
8– The number of days until the Boys Like Girls concert*
13– Number of days until Thanksgiving break!
18 1/2– My age as of TODAY! That’s right. Happy 1/2 B-day to me.
32– The number of times I have listened to that Rocket Summer song
500– Number of times Tyler will probably tell us that he got his teeth out by a real oral surgeon. Seriously. Go check my facebook wall. Because he mentioned it again.
1,000,000,000– How many times Zach has played Pat a Pan

Political Update: All of Renny’s corners had been used so they solved the space problem by taking them off to put the vote today ones up. Thought you might want to know. ;)

More Previous Obsessions:
Orange Juice (only me)
Saddle Club/Horses
Malchik Gay
Also remember my weird butterfly phase?
I also had a heart phase. Like heart jewelry I think.

Guilty Pleasure: That’s Just the Way We Roll- Jonas Brothers

P.S. Number 1 makes me want to throw up. 5,000 times. On you.

*Justin called me earlier and asked me what section our seats were in, and he’s going to try and get ones by us.

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Hmm that is awesome. At least she didn’t write a song about the death of her cat I guess (In my defence I was young, and I really loved that cat! haha.) Whoa. So today is Monday which is lame, but there are some great things coming up. Namely the weekend and the BOYS LIKE GIRLS CONCERT! YEAH-YA! I am already sick of Pat a Pan Zach plays it on the piano like 24/7 NO EXAGGERATION! I think Jordan would be very proud of your group chocies. Since obsession is back I will make a list of things we are obsessed with.

  1. Jonas Brothers/Bonus Jonas
  2. Unmentionable, but I’m sure you know
  3. youtube
  4. The Weekends
  5. Weekend Warriors
  6. Right now I am obsessed with this one Rocket Summer song “Brat Pack” It’s awesome.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNqO5wV7dOs
  7. Our Blog (we totally get on here all the time)
  8. laughing at Elyse’s myspace

Guilty Pleasure: Manic Monday (the Relient K version)

P.S. I have a horse club trophy here for you, and actually it has been here forever, but I forgot to tell you about it.

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I would venture to say this is like one of the worst/best? obsessions we have ever had… which is awesome. I think it is hilarious when we get all obsessive. and you can always tell because we always talk on the phone a tone when we are obsessed… and we talk pretty much everyday right now. haha Awesome.Previous Obsessions

Ramen with eggs
Pink pride and prejudice
Salt and vinegar chips
hot chocolate (you more then me)
Almond puff
brother bear
upside down
the A*teens
Drive me Crazy
#1 ;)
that one kind of tetris
writing notes

those are just random one I thought of. also I didn’t know that song was called brat pack. but I way like it…

Guilty pleasure- bonus Jonas hasn’t left my CD Player

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Guess what, we are not alone! Today I was purchasing my BONUS JONAS (!!!!!) on amazon and I was reading the reviews and some 18 year old gave it 5 stars.

All I have to say is wow! I am a HUGE JB fan and this completed my JB
collection..for now anyway. The second I got it, the 2 new songs went
straight onto my ipod and the dvd went into my DVD player. I LOVE the music
videos especially S.O.S and the concert was sooo good! These boys are one of
the most talented groups to come up in a long time. There music is upbeat
and inspirational. They combine positive messages with guitar and drums and
do it beautifully. Nick’s voice is just off the charts and Kevin’s guitar
talent is in more then I can put into words. Joe’s energy on stage will keep
you jumping and wanting more. Coming from an 18 year old, you need to BUY
this! believe me, you won’t regret it!

Some of my Favorites:
Little boy to mail woman: FedEx is better than you!

Man, slamming on hood of taxi inching forward: Hey! I’m walkin’ here! [Turns to people behind him] Where’s that from?Lady passerby: Midnight Cowboy!

Pharmacist: You should probably re-sign your card.
Woman: Why?
Pharmacist: Well, you signed over the magnetic strip. You’re supposed to sign over the white part down here.
Woman: Then how would the machine read my signature? That doesn’t make any sense.
Pharmacist: No, it’s a magnetic strip. It reads the information, not the signature.
Woman: I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. That’s not how the machines work. You’re a pharmacist, not an electrician.

Guilty Pleasure: Jonas Brothers (What else?!)

P.S. Happy day before weekend day! YAHOO!

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WAHOO! Happy Halloween. Don’t you just love holidays? There are only two lame things about this one, and that is that we can’t hang out (we always do stuff on Halloween together) and that I have to work pretty much all day in no man’s land. :D Oh well. I’m over it, and this Tiara I am sporting is JAMMIN’! Can’t wait to go home and cut up some pumpkin! YEAH-YA!
Confession: I like that new Dashboard Confessional song “Thick as Thieves”
Some funny things:
-The fact that Jordan has to drive around in my truck with the “If it’s not an Arabian it’s just a horse” sticker on the back.
-The fact that Derek asks for Halloween off every year.
-The fact that our little countdown thing is cutting into the rest of the blog. We are awesome at this html stuff aren’t we?
-Seeing people drive around in their costumes. For some reason it’s funnier to see people in costume when they are driving a car.
Guilty Pleasure: ♥ JONAS BROTHERS ♥

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Here are some life lessons we have learned through the Years

Angry people are funny, and tired people are not always wise. Exhibit A. Jordan: “you don’t touch a mans pillow!”

Directions may seem unimportant but if you don’t have them you can easily ruin things. Like Iron ones for team splash.

Any food would be good after River Rafting. Cheese curds diet coke with lime and salt and vinegar chips.. YUM

it may seem funny to watch someone fall down the stairs. Actually it’s hilarious.

Any sort of food can be ruined, even the easiest to make types. Ramen tomato soup ECT.

It might seem like a good idea to paint yourself with lite stick. This is not the case.

People might say it won’t be that bad to go to different schools. This is a huge lie.

It seems like a really good idea to tie a tube to a horse, and it is a good idea. It is not wise to leave said horse unattended.

Even pathological liars have feelings. I mean check out Elyse’s most recent MySpace blog.

Embarrassing music is almost always fun. I mean think about the A*teens and the Jonas brothers

some movies may seem completely ridiculous but in reality can be totally hysterical, as is illustrated by a great many stack movies. Another movie fact shows for little kids can be really cool as well.

Going to Wal-Mart at like one in the morning seems awesome but the people there can be really terrifying

fall color report: the trees are mostly dead now…

Little known fact: Sometimes when I am bored in church I count all the rectangles I can find. I also sometimes do circles.

Guilty Pleasure: hmmm probably Move On hahaha


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Nice find on the Taylor Swift Song. We are definitely going for a page two I think. What is up with people making the Sims videos? Weirdos. It probably was Gerad Way. Was there by chance a Gothic violin player in the video? Right now I am obsessed with this Rooney song, but it’s not “When Did Your Heart Go Missing” it’s “I’m Shakin'” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lW6zCbezS8) It’s addicting! I’m shakin’ sh sh shakin’ Zach thinks I’m crazy. Juicy Couture ads are all over teenvogue. The Jonas Brother’s tickets were like $120.00 Can you believe it?!? haha! And actually they are just opening for Hannah Montanna. So you’ll be pulling your savings for that one right? If they were way cheap I would say we should just go as a joke, but that would be a very expensive joke. I cut my hair. No color. I just can’t decide. It’s pretty short though. The kid who ran into my parents room is here right now. Ah! Good times. Today I fell off my chair. It was really cool. Maybe I am going for “Week filled with the most embarrassing moments”
Guilty Pleasure: Today my guilty pleasure is Celeb Gossip. I have no idea why I care, but I know that I do.

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In case I didn’t tell you or you forgot or somthing mari is the engaged roommate. and today I was just thinking and I decided to make a list of some of the more horrifying times I have had concerning her and Steve the fiance.

Just today I walked in and they were like laying in the halway to the kitchen so I had to like step over them. and of course they dont think there is anything awkward about them laying on eachother so they will jsut talk to you like its normal. but really its wierd.

Last night they were wrestling in the living room. it was a little wierd and it was like hard core wrestleing and then he was like tickling her and its just wierd.

When my mom came up they were like sprawled all over the couch. like its bad that I haveto see it but just that much worse that my mom does too.

Last night she was giving him a back massage at the dinner table.. I dont like to watch people give massages:D like really. who does? Also i dont like it when they sit at the kitchen table and gaze into each others eyes and rub the upper arm *shudders*

The awful time when they thought it was a good idea to go makeout in the parking lot. AHHH by my car! NO!!!

This doesnt have anything to do with mari but whenver steve comes over and i answer the door he just says “what up?” like really. i think he should just say hey or somthing. but no unfailingly its just “what up”

now thats done and done. I have noticed a disturbing trend. we have failed to remember our guilty pleasure fo the day the last couple of posts. I forgot first so its mostly my fault but still.

Guilty pleasure of the day: Party with us by Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers

P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8XdhtLM_pU watch from 1:20 on… to see the kuch kuch hota hai move

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