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So this weekend involved a lot of horse related activities. Yesterday Sydnie and her little friend wanted to go riding so of course I had to go out and saddle the horses up for them, and then about 15 minutes later they are finished and ready for me to unsaddle them. So I took the opportunity to convince my Mom to ride too. Highly entertaining. Then today we were maybe going to move them to my G-pa’s fieldย  so we rode them down there (it’s like 2 blocks away) and I completed a life goal of riding at the hang out. Way to accomplish. And do you know what the best thing about riding horses on the road is? People driving by you. There is something about being on a horse that just makes people feel like it would be hilarious to yell “YEE-HAW!” out their window at you. Or maybe “YEAH COWGIRL!” or “HOWDY!” Seriously. I wish people were more original. Besides. I don’t even wear the hat. Oh yeah and last night I dreamed that I got to go to Europe to be in some jumping competition. It was an awesome dream. I think I would give up half my life for that to be real. :) Oh yeah and today is the BREEDERS CUP! Whoo! Go Curlin.

P.S. Sorry this post is boring. I’m out of ideas right now, and apparenly Kelli is not, because she’s been posting like 4 to my 1 lately so I thought I should hurry and just put something up even if it is of little interest. :)

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So you know that saying, “money can’t buy happiness” ? Ridiculous. We disagree.

Top Ten Things That We Could Buy That Would Make Us Happy

  1. Horses- this we have already proven
  2. Front Row Season Jazz Tickets- This we will prove. Someday.
  3. World Travel- this would make us very happy
  4. Charity/Food for Africa- Everyone wins here
  5. Clothing & Acessories. Shopping would be way more fun.
  6. Toys- i.e. Boats, 4 wheelers, Jet Skis etc.
  7. Education (See we aren’t totally irresposible)
  8. We could enRICH our lives with more music, books, and art
  9. We could starting living at amusement parks. ROLLERCOASTERS!!!
  10. Friends! People love to be rich peoples friends (haha ok ok we know.)

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You know what I will miss most when we move away on Monday? Uh… I know my family goes here… umm after that though. Our horses! So in honor of our studly steeds I thought I would post a list of our best horse related moments

  • The time you ducked under a tree and it got caught on the hood of your jacket and then it flinged back and hit me in the face, and almost knocked me off my horse.
  • Munchi’s trip to the Post Office- Ok so sledding behind your horse on a snow tube is an awesome idea. But just a little tip… you probably shouldn’t leave that horse unattended when a strong gust of wind comes and blows the tube up behind it. I wonder what people were thinking when they saw a fully saddled riderless horse with a snow tube tied to it pounding up the side of the road…
  • Horse Club- aw horse club. Who wouldn’t love horse club? I mean a giant club of girls (occasionally 1 boy) who are all totally wimpy when it comes to riding horses and then me, you, and Elyse running around bareback and doing ballet on horses. They thought we were crazy, but we definitely had more fun then them. And Jessica who hates to love us, but just can’t help it. And lets face it did those wimpy girls ever win anything but Halter?
  • Horse Shows- haha must love horse shows and the crazy groom night before where you spend all night shampooing, braiding, clipping, and polishing and then by the end it looks like all the dirt that was once on your horse is now all over you. And we vowed to never win a Halter ribbon, because Halter is stupid and boring. I’m so glad we never won any. Oh yeah and remember the girl we both inexplicably couldn’t stand with the sparkly purple helmet cover and the plastered on smile? Or Elyse’s conspiracy theory about Helen winning all the blue ribbons. Or the time we accidentally wore our numbers on our backs at like Block Buster or Jamba Juice don’t remember which. Possibly both.
  • Jumping Lessons- Yeah! I miss jumping lessons. Those were intense and the girls there were SO NICE! Oh wait… this isn’t a barbecue… right so they were not nice at all. In fact all the girls there were pretty bratty, but jumping was awesome. Remember how sore it made us? Like the day after we’d be walking up the stairs at school and nearly dying. And I got those bleeding saddle sores once. Worth it though. Totally worth it. I love jumping. :)
  • The mitten game. Oh how genius was the mitten game? Very.
  • When we were seriously obsessed with the Triple Crown (and Smarty Jones) and we staged our own races. And made it a movie. That was hilarious. I wonder if that is still on our video camera?

Anyways wow that is long. I guess I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now. :)

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This horse/rider is seriously awesome. If he was going to be in the Olympics agian this year I would totally go for him. He’s from Denmark… I am so unamerican…. j/k (Sorry it’s kind of long you don’t have to watch the whole thing)

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Horseland Yeah Yeah!

So Kell just wondering what up with us loving retarded horse movies? My favorite thing about horse movies that there are really only two plots.

  • Friends with horses
  • Lonely child finds wild horse and tames it

And now we have to add a new stupid horse movie to our collection. It doesn’t get much worse than this…

But really the colored mane isn’t that far of a stretch one time with some extra hair dye we dyed our horses manes pink. It showed up really good in my horse especially as he is white…. hahaha. Why did we not take a picture of that Kelli? I would have loved to see the look on the face of Jessica… it would have been classic.

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Things I Want to Do

  • In the summer I live in flip flops and Old Navy has those ones in every color imaginable for like 4 dollars or whatever. I need to go pick up some new ones
  • Horse Grooming party (before horse shows we just have this big groom fest, it takes hours, and somehow all the dirt/hair that was once on your horse ends up on you, but it’s truly fun somehow)
  • Go to Bear Lake…. living in Utah means your beach options are fairly limited, but I seriously love the lake.
  • Go buy some new books to read. In the summer I read a lot. I wake up unseemly early for a teenager on summer vacation and thus have a lot of extra time on my hands in the morning. Which would be why I am doing this extremely pointless post right now.
  • Finish the Summer ’08 mix CD. You just can’t survive summer without a great mix CD you can listen to with the windows rolled down.

Summer Goals For This Year We Have Already Completed:

  • dye our hair a new weird color…. purple…. It’s already faded out though.
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house

Also Kelli I guess I’m finally ok about American Idol. I don’t know why it made me sad. I always thought David Cook would win, but I just think David Archuleta is better and deserved it more…. oh well. Oh yeah and have fun in Yellowstone. I wish I could have gone oh man. Take a picture of a do not enter sign for me ok?

P.S. If you’ve been wanting to go see Made of Honor… don’t. It’s pretty much one of the worst movies ever. Total waste of time and money. We went and saw it with some friends last night… yeah it totally sucked.

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Life Goals

Just my random life goals. They aren’t exactly shooting high, but no one wants to read about my boring grown up aspirations. including me.

  • Be blown Over by a gust of wind
  • Write an entire Letter in magazine cutouts
  • Sled off my roof
  • See a tornado
  • Win an eBay auction that isn’t buy it now
  • Hide in a box somewhere and then pop out and scare someone half to death
  • Have a poster that says We ride horses too!
  • Do a handstand push up
  • Convince some one new of the racing moose from Turkmenistan story
  • Put a cat on Kitten wars

Completed Goals

  • Have someone actually looking for the best friend boy list and finding it on our site
  • Attend a Jonas Brothers concert
  • Take a road trip

What random goals do other people have?? My Younger brother wants to throw our old couch off the church roof… Any other stupid goals Anyone?

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