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Here is a great guide to looking like Taylor Swift that I found on wiki how.

  1. Have light blond hair. As you can see from this photo, Taylor’s hair is long and blonde. So, to look like her, this is probably the key clone look-alike factor.

  2. Curl your hair. As you can see from the photos, Taylor has naturally curly hair. If you don’t, get a curling iron and curl it. Make sure to curl in sections layer by layer. Take care to make sure it looks natural and is not too tight – let the locks fall loosely. Once done curling, shake head to get the loose look. (they make it seem so easy!)

  3. Have beautiful clear skin like Taylor’s. Wash your face daily. If needed, put on “zit cream” or see your health professional if your acne is unremovable. (haha so if you can’t get rid of your acne, your screwed)

  4. Wear cowgirl style, but keep it contemporary. A cowgirl belt over a cute shirt, flowery dresses and mini skirts make a great start and don’t forget the boots – the boots are very Taylor. Taylor loves wearing sundresses with cowboy boots, and you can try putting an old denim jacket over that. Also funky jewelery like long beaded necklaces.

  5. Smile a lot. And always have clean, bright teeth. Taylor has a bright, bubbly personality and doesn’t let others bring her down. (I enjoy that they give your personality tips as well as style advice)

  6. Only wear minimal makeup. It must be natural – a little lip gloss and blush will do. Mostly pinks/peaches; try kiehls, it’s made with all natural things name of a good color is (down town peach). Taylor Swift does wear eyeliner and mascara also. you can try putting a little of that on.


  • Don’t abandon your own style in the process of copying Taylor – adapt her look to what you already have. And don’t change who you are. Taylor wouldn’t! Just be bubbly, nice and proud of what you have! (wait… They already told you you had to be bubbly and  dress like her and now they are retracting that. This is so confusing)
  • Look for clothing in local department stores; you don’t need to spend a fortune to look a fortune. (Thats deep)
  • If you want to sing like Taylor, practice every day by jamming along to her CD. Improve your voice by joining the local choir and perhaps taking voice lessons. (hahahaha. Jam along to her CD)

I Really want to know if people actually regularly use this guide. Like seriously.  I think I ought to post a guide about how to be me. I’m sure everyone would want to read it!!

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Most people Don’t really love to mow the lawn. I don’t. It’s hot, it takes a long time, you get dirty, and you might step on something. I would far rather do other household chores like vacuming or cleaning stuff, even gardening. I just get so bored mowing. Overtime I have perfected the skills necessary to evade this tedious chore but make the most of it when I can no longer avoid it.

The first step is to avoid being in the room when your parents are asking someone else to mow. This makes it more difficult for them to point out that you haven’t mowed the lawn recently. If you cannot avoid being called on remind your parent that you have a job, this works particularly well if your other siblings don’t. If you do end up  having to mow you have a couple of options proceed to mowing or put it off till more money is offered for your valuble time. OR Demand extra money for certain extra things like picking up fallen fruit. Those aren’t actually that important.

Moving on to the actual mowing of the lawn. I am a natural at being bad at mowing lawns and more then one person has commented on it. This does not bother me. It comes from being a very spacey person:D Now If you aren’t naturally bad you have to look naturally bad. I am naturally bad and accidently do all of these except the third one.

Randomly Switch Directions (This really annoys some people and leaves some little strips of unmowed grass)
Go choppy around the trees, its hard to mow aorund them and make them look good
Don’t move objects like your brothers golf balls, mow small circles around them
Run over pine cones and sticks

Whenever I finish my mom always re remembers why she doesn’t love me to mow the lawn. YAY! I Have only mowed twice this summer:D woot

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