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DOMA! A creepy little stuffed animal (?) we bought at Target today (no worries he was only 1 dollar can you believe this puppy was on clearance?!?) Anyways according to the little story in his tag he is a mysterious creature hatched from an egg and upon closer inspection we see his monster-like qualities conceal a gentle soul with a body of pure fluff. Whatever. Here is his photo shoot.

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I love May. It’s my favorite month of all time.  So many fantastic things happen in May for example May is the beginning of summer (in college anyways), my Birthday, Cinco De Mayo, Mothers Day, warm weather, Volcano Awareness Month, National month of poetry, and the month of eye health care. All extremely important events. Here are some photos of our Volcano Awareness Celebration.

This is our Volcano Cake.

It was red inside… you know like magma?

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Don’t you hate it when people ask you “What is something unique about you?” We were just talking about what a stupid question that is. Because really, there is no way to answer it with out sounding like a total freak. So here is a list of things that are unique about us. :) heh

  • My finger is double jointed so sometimes when I am bored I draw spots on it to make it look like a giraffe. (Kell)
  • We like to dress up like rock stars.
  • Sometimes we ride horses and try to see how many times we can pass a mitten to one another consecutively.
  • Occasionally we like to make one of our friends really uncomfortable and then dissect his reactions later
  • We like to play laser tag in my(Sadie) house and we run around like seven year olds
  • We like boy bands even though we are way too old for it
  • We compare ourselves to a Popsicle computer graphic
  • We have taken the Lobster Challenge
  • We name lots of things (sleds, tubes, people)
  • We get obsessive about wave race
  • We get really mad when we loose Cranium (only happened once)
  • We joke about deer being bears
  • We own the Bratz movie soundtrack
  • We have seen plenty Bollywood films and even own a few (subtitles included)
  • We named a mouse wolverine because we suddenly became obsessed.
  • And now green is one of our favorite colors
  • We quote ourselves
  • We tell each other stories even if we were both there
  • We often try to think of ways to make our new room mates (next year) think we are totally weird.
  • We can talk to each other with out saying anything and delights us when people get confused about it.
  • Things we both like become “ours,” joint ownership is automatically granted.
  • We totally think horse shows are a joke.
  • We go to Target for 2 hours and come out with nothing.
  • We’ve been to a Llamafest.

P.S. The Kellister made a wondrous purchase….. *drum roll* ….. A VIDEO CAMERA! Prepare yourselves.

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Well Kelli start learning that 2nd language! Also I don’t know if you have tried the Kool-aid version of otter pops, but just know they come highly recommended. And Kool-aid reminds me of our first sleepover so this post is going to be dedicated to Sleepover Memories
  • The time we made Kool-aid with double the sugar required. Possibly more.
  • Playing MASH all hours into the night
  • The Sedimentary Rock Ring
  • “Yeah because everyone has a miniature pool in their backyard.”
  • The bobby pin who owes you a life debt
  • How crazy we were the time we got to have a sleepover during school
  • Going to the football game that night, and then realising that you didn’t have to go home
  • “People are crazy.” “Yeah, good thing we’re not.” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Staying up till like 3:00 in the morning and then going on a river run at 5:30, and not being tired at all.
  • “Those people just tipped their canoe!”
  • Us wanting Elyse and Demi’s sleeping bag spot, and them refusing to trade us, and then they ended up getting all wet.
  • The blinding light of your cell phone a.k.a. “The Sun”
  • The dance party in the morning when we slept over at Lyse’s
  • Taking forever on the Quiet Book
  • “Fly on the wall” “If I was invisible”
  • Going to Walmart at like 1:00 in the morning to get Lime Rickey Ice Cream,, and being totally freaked out by the scary people there.
  • Talking forever and ever and near the end totally not making sense

Anyways if you can think of anymore tell me. And I propose another sleepover this weekend! This week basically rocks mostly because you are coming home TOMORROW and we are going to a concert, and then you’ll go home, and we will have only ONE more day until it’s the weekend! YEE-HAW!

Guilty Pleasure: Three guesses… :D

http://www.todolistblog.com/ This blog is somewhat boring right now as they apparently just released a book about it or something, but I like the idea of it.

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We own nail polish with names like “pink promenade” or “big money green”
We are sort of bad at talking on the phone somehow
We are REALLY good at making mix CD’s
We run everywhere we go
No one was more made for a road trip then us and we have the same Spring Break
We go to the park and swing more than any other college kids I think
We ride horses
We are the same, but not
We have a dedicated readership (Rhett)
We play more board games than almost anyone
We have long memories and many inside jokes
There aren’t actually words invented to describe us
We embrace our guilty pleasures
We never fight
We laugh more than normal people
We get obsessed with stuff and that is awesome
We waste time productively (i.e. this blog, this list, and our many paint drawings)
We invent lines that can only be crossed by us
We own “shared” items
We are up for almost anything
We invented the Mitten Game
We are going to Arizona!

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If Only…

If only….. we had been smart
If only….. it was the weekend EVERY day
If only….. this didn’t cost 35.00

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Hmm that is awesome. At least she didn’t write a song about the death of her cat I guess (In my defence I was young, and I really loved that cat! haha.) Whoa. So today is Monday which is lame, but there are some great things coming up. Namely the weekend and the BOYS LIKE GIRLS CONCERT! YEAH-YA! I am already sick of Pat a Pan Zach plays it on the piano like 24/7 NO EXAGGERATION! I think Jordan would be very proud of your group chocies. Since obsession is back I will make a list of things we are obsessed with.

  1. Jonas Brothers/Bonus Jonas
  2. Unmentionable, but I’m sure you know
  3. youtube
  4. The Weekends
  5. Weekend Warriors
  6. Right now I am obsessed with this one Rocket Summer song “Brat Pack” It’s awesome.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNqO5wV7dOs
  7. Our Blog (we totally get on here all the time)
  8. laughing at Elyse’s myspace

Guilty Pleasure: Manic Monday (the Relient K version)

P.S. I have a horse club trophy here for you, and actually it has been here forever, but I forgot to tell you about it.

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I would venture to say this is like one of the worst/best? obsessions we have ever had… which is awesome. I think it is hilarious when we get all obsessive. and you can always tell because we always talk on the phone a tone when we are obsessed… and we talk pretty much everyday right now. haha Awesome.Previous Obsessions

Ramen with eggs
Pink pride and prejudice
Salt and vinegar chips
hot chocolate (you more then me)
Almond puff
brother bear
upside down
the A*teens
Drive me Crazy
#1 ;)
that one kind of tetris
writing notes

those are just random one I thought of. also I didn’t know that song was called brat pack. but I way like it…

Guilty pleasure- bonus Jonas hasn’t left my CD Player

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This post will probably not be that great since I don’t actually know what I am going to say in it. That was really funny last night. “So… did I call you or did you call me?” “Well I called you, because you told me to.” “No I didn’t” “Uh yes, actually you did.” Still not used to the new cell phone huh? It is officially D-Day. Sarah’s Party. Luckily I am planning to not be home during this. Me and my purse will be long gone and out of sight. Running as far away from her “so called boyfriend Joesph” as I can get! Hey maybe I’ll just pick me up some of those Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers tickets. They’re in Salt Lake tonight. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-HANNAH-MONTANA-CONCERT-TICKETS-UTAH-OCT-27-SECTION-1_W0QQitemZ130165303118QQihZ003QQcategoryZ16122QQcmdZViewItem You know right after I buy that “It’s About Time” CD.

Guilty Pleasure: S.O.S. – Jonas Brothers (you know in prep for that concert tonight)

Little Known Fact: For a long time I thought Ciara and Missy Elliot were the same person, although I have no idea why. Just know that the line “shake it like Jell-o” takes on a whole new meaning when you are as confused as I was.

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Here are some life lessons we have learned through the Years

Angry people are funny, and tired people are not always wise. Exhibit A. Jordan: “you don’t touch a mans pillow!”

Directions may seem unimportant but if you don’t have them you can easily ruin things. Like Iron ones for team splash.

Any food would be good after River Rafting. Cheese curds diet coke with lime and salt and vinegar chips.. YUM

it may seem funny to watch someone fall down the stairs. Actually it’s hilarious.

Any sort of food can be ruined, even the easiest to make types. Ramen tomato soup ECT.

It might seem like a good idea to paint yourself with lite stick. This is not the case.

People might say it won’t be that bad to go to different schools. This is a huge lie.

It seems like a really good idea to tie a tube to a horse, and it is a good idea. It is not wise to leave said horse unattended.

Even pathological liars have feelings. I mean check out Elyse’s most recent MySpace blog.

Embarrassing music is almost always fun. I mean think about the A*teens and the Jonas brothers

some movies may seem completely ridiculous but in reality can be totally hysterical, as is illustrated by a great many stack movies. Another movie fact shows for little kids can be really cool as well.

Going to Wal-Mart at like one in the morning seems awesome but the people there can be really terrifying

fall color report: the trees are mostly dead now…

Little known fact: Sometimes when I am bored in church I count all the rectangles I can find. I also sometimes do circles.

Guilty Pleasure: hmmm probably Move On hahaha


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