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April Fools day is a great holiday mostly because it’s fairly pointless and gives you permission to pull pranks on people with impunity. Also apparently in the past it has caused some problems when actual news stories are released on April 1st and people don’t believe them, because they think it’s just a joke. Some pranks we noticed around the web…

  • Youtube has it set up so if you click on a video on your home page (recommendations, featured videos, subscriptions etc) both the video and the text load upside down.
  • Google put up some weird thing called CADIE. Which reccomends you to weird sites and places on google maps. If you google image search CADIE reccomends some of her fave search terms including LOLcats, Rainbows,  Bunnies, and Unicorns.
  • Also on Google if you search “worst band in the world” it will come up with “See results for Creed” which is hilarious. If you go to the languages they’ve added several new ones like “Pigg Latin,” “Hacker,” and “Elmer Fudd.”
  • Gmail added a button called “Gmail Autopilot” which apparently reads and replys emails for you, and even takes into account relationships. Like if someone sends you an aggressive email it will “terminate” that relationship for you.

Obviously more websites should be like Google. Like maybe Wikipedia could fill it’s self with lies! (oh wait)

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I’ve noticed that “The Google Game” has been pretty popular on facebook lately. (Similar to the “25 Random things” fad). I learned my name is AWFUL for this game. I don’t know if you are aware (my brother has made sure I am aware), but a few years ago Sadie was one of the top pet names in America. This causes some real problems as my google game results look like this…..

Sadie likes: smelly socks
Sadie likes: to chase her tail
Sadie needs: to be walked
Sadie needs: a new saddle pad
Sadie is: a rescue dog
Sadie is: not fond of tennis balls

There are a few results about Sadie Frost, Sadie the best Belly Dancer in Denver, and a lot of baby blogs mixed in, but it seems the majority were Labradors….

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I love award shows a great deal. I’m not exactly sure why, but this means that I am currently watching the Oscars. I’ve made up a little game to play as I watch. Every time they announce a winner I check it’s wikipedia page to see how fast they add it to that winners page. It’s shocking….

P.S. As a side note I’ve held an oscar before and they really are quite heavy.

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