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Here are our pop culture predictions for the year.

  • The Jonas Brothers break up. One is married, one is pursuing acting (laughable), and one already has a solo side project…. It won’t be long.
  • Demi Lovato will date someone hideous like she always does.
  • Paramore will break up. Have you heard their last CD? Things are not happy.
  • Jesse McCartney’s new single will include the words “that thing you got behind you is amazing.”
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil will get engaged.
  • Taylor Momsen will get sent to Rehab.
  • American Idols last real run…. No Simon… No Paula…. sort of seems pointless.

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I know people probably really look forward to hearing our goals for the new year as they are usually pretty great. Here’s the 2010 version.

  • Wear crazier clothing. In Asia they wear awesome clothes (minus the Hello Kitty stuff). Who wants to be conservative and boring? Not us.
  • Take a road trip to Seattle and listen to Hello Seattle the ENTIRE time we are there.
  • Go to more concerts. Concerts are always a good time.
  • Have initialed T-shirts again. We used to have pink t-shirts with an S and a K on them respectively.  They were awesome.
  • Make up for lost time. We’ve been on separate sides of the world. Literally and figuratively.  Time to….. make mix CDs, drive people crazy, shop, go to midnight movies, and think up crazy plans just like the old days!
  • Return our blog to it’s former glory. Now that we are both home again it’s time to blog!

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AND I use that title EVERY YEAR. woooo. but cause I’m bored and have no actual funding I am making this list of things I want that I will never buy either for the price or because it’s like a joke so it would be a waste of money. So if you’re a millionaire or want to waste money on me here is a really good list for you.

1. True religions. These jeans = BEST JEANS EVER. I don’t get the designer hand bags or the juicy couture track suits but I GET designer jeans. I’ve borrowed a pair a couple of times and I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. Cost: upwards of $250

2. Macbook. in white. These computer are fun, and they look cool and yeah I’m a little shallow right now sorry. but also my computer sucks and I need a new one with a working screen. cost: Like $1000

3. Naluwaver. Seriously cool guys. I’m sure i would fry my fingers using it and probably wouldn’t get the same results but I think the idea is BRILLIANT. cost: $175

4. XM radio. Guys I hate normal radio now.  my cousins car has XM and it is RAD. cost: I’m to lazy to look it up

5. Samsung dual view camera. SO cool. and convenient if you’re the sort who never want to ask other people to take photos of you and your friends

6. Net flix 1 year 2 dvd subscription. There are lots of Movies and TV seasons I want to watch that I don’t feel like renting from block buster. **ASIDE* it cost $10 to rent a wii game from blockbuster. I’m boycotting*

7.BAND TEES. guy’s I’ve been banned from them down here cause my cousin says they make me look like a boy but I LOVE them and I want a ton of them.

8. A kindle. I’m pretty sure this is one of those things I would buy and then not use but every time I see someone with one I really want one

9. :D J/K alright so really I couldn’t think of any other random expensive stuff that wasn’t like cars or vacations :)

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  • If you must choose between a trampoline and a swingset choose the trampoline everytime
  • Some cell phones are more durable then others. I do not Reccomend LGs I do reccomend Samsungs
  • If you are going on a hike make sure you check the distance yourself because often times people lie about the distance
  • Don’t buy HP computers becuase they will break… over and over and over
  • If you are strapped for time otter pops make an excellent meal
  • With few exceptions and unless it could result in your death dares ought to be taken
  • Peanut butter does not go with any sort of meat
  • Drinks that arent smoothies or shakes or that sort should not include bananas they leave a funny after taste
  • youtube is endlessly entertaing
  • Just becuase someone older then you tells you a plant is wild parsley doesn’t mean you should believe them… It might be poisonous
  • Pokemon is the best game to play on the game boy
  • The best shooting game is 007. no other video games even come close. don’t let people lie to you and tell you different. halo smalo
  • Running into a 6 foot 3 man in an effort to tip him off balance is only going to end with you on your back.
  • Boys don’t like to play video games with you if you win

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China Town

So I am currently sitting in my apartment in China. I really love it here. The city I live in is AMAZING. And all the kids are so fun I love teaching. Easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Things About China

  • The city I live in is a small one in a poorer province so most people here have never seen an American. Having blonde hair and blue eyes = instant celebrity status. Seriously, people just snap my photo all the time, students always want me to sign their books (not sure why), and I spend half my day waving at everyone who walks by me.
  • Everyone here is REALLY friendly. They always want to impress us too, so they are always giving us things and stuff.
  • Personal space? Not such a big thing here.
  • Also advanced notice…. Apparently in China things just aren’t as scheduled as they are in America. For example… even though the “holiday” is in like 2 weeks they have yet to decide when school will let out for it.
  • Another example of this would be the day Maddie and I started teaching. They totally just handed us our schedule and were like k, go for it! Your classes start now. haha
  • Or the time they just showed up at our apartment at like 7:00 pm and said the headmaster (whom we call Dumbledore in the privacy of our own apartment) would like to interview us. Maddie and I are thinking he wants to ask us about our classes and stuff. Well…. No actually we are just going to be on the news is all. (I think by time I get back I’ll be so go with the flow it’ll be insane).
  • American Chinese food is nothing like actual Chinese food. Well… they still eat rice. They also eat chicken feet….
  • The bathrooms…. You don’t even know….
  • The apples here taste better. Also I have this new favorite fruit that I don’t even think has an english name. It’s awesome though whatever it is.
  • Their technology talks a lot more than ours does.
  • Everything is really cheap here. I’ve got to the point that when I see something that cost 28 RMB and I think it’s too expensive. That’s like $4 in the US…
  • Suddenly I feel pretty tall
  • The illegal movie market is alive and well.
  • I’ve started using a lot more body language to explain myself… this might prove embarrassing when I get back to normal life.
  • I had to get a hacked ISP to get on this blog.

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  • When the opportunity arises to go see both Relient K and Owl City in concert, take it.
  • Road Trips are ALWAYS worth it. Even when they are totally spur of the moment, and you haven’t planned any of it.
  • Enrique Iglesias is obviously awesome
  • If you are babysitting and the kids want to watch cartoons Danny Phantom is far more preferable than Johnny Test.
  • Traveling to a Foreign Country requires a lot of phone time. Seriously. I’ve spent the last three days on the phone, and I hate to talk on the phone.
  • When it comes to packing I am a huge procrastinator. I hate packing.
  • Don’t keep your camera and iPod in a beach bag with a can of spray of sunscreen. You never know when it will just explode and ruin your prized possessions.
  • When playing Fugitive look where you run. Otherwise you might just run off a small cliff and somersault onto someone’s driveway and break your wrist.
  • It’s really hard to type with your right hand in a cast.
  • Get a black cast. It shows less dirt.
  • I can NOT make scrambled eggs. The last batch I made caused someone to throw up. Seriously.
  • Sleeping on the Beach in California is definitely a good time.

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Ok actually I guess it’s the grand canyon state. But so far I’ve seen alot more cactus then grand canyon. P.S. for those who didn’t know? I’m in Mesa staying with my moms cousin for a while working at her husbands orthodontist office… working is a loose term, perhaps standing around wishing I could do stuff would be better. So far I have learned…

120 degrees? Completely possible. I thought I knew hot before, turns out I never even met the guy
sometimes you can be so hot that getting in the pool just makes you feel gross
Little boys can actually be terrorists and when working together can actually tie you to a chair
Saying “Nice to meet you”  to someone you’ve never seen in your life just isn’t good enough for some people, the may prefer “Wow your teeth are really crooked Kelli, we’ll have to get braces on you right away”
Mesa Arizona is sortof like a little annex of Utah… complete with tons of 8 kids families and children with BOM names all over the place
My cousins husband thinks I’m a so sheltered or whatever that I can’t even identify a saguaro cactus. WRONG sir my mother is a plant genius and I’m pretty sure even people on the east coast know what those are

:) Also these people have a pet pig… snoop hog I can’t tell you how weird I think that is. and they treat it like a baby and it sleeps in the house, so weird. Anyways I think tomorrow I am going to try to cook an egg on the street just to see if it can really be done, I’ve wanted to try that since I was a little kid.

Also let the hunt for The filthy 5, the worlds worst park commence!

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331 miles

215 song on the go iPod playlist

50 dollars in gas

16 games of concentration

12 hours round trip in the carroad trip

4 Passengers riding in the Corrolla

2 bags of salt and vinegar chips

2 of the worst sunburns ever

1 bag of skittles

1 minor  freak out from the back seat

Leaving this:rain

For this:



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So I somehow found this website where some guy has made twitter sized summaries of a bunch of different movies. Some of them are pretty good. Here are my favorites:

E.T.: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
TWILIGHT: Girl gives up college for stalker.
KARATE KID: Boy gains acceptance through violence.
JURASSIC PARK: Theme park’s grand opening pushed back.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Dangerous insurgent invades neighboring country.
: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.
: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.
MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL: British comedy troupe inadvertently creates language lab for nerds.
RATATOUILLE: Vermin infest restaurant until it is forced to close doors.
THE X-MEN: Minority group seeks overthrow of social order.

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Here are just some random things I’ve been thinking about lately

  • Kelli and I were just wondering… what is up with the Little Caesar’s guy having chest hair?! That is just gross, when I want some pizza I do not want to be thinking about chest hair. Also he basically has no neck his body just sort of  molds into a head.
  • I am BEYOND ready for the summer! Summer is the best.  Finals are the worst. I’m hoping this last month of school speeds by. I can’t stop thinking about pool days, sunglasses, and river rafting. I can not wait.
  • I wonder how Anne Frank feels about the whole world reading her diary as a school assignment.
  • iCarly is a pretty great show.
  • It sort of bothers me when people say “chillin” or “he’s way chill” I don’t know why.
  • If ever you see crate paper on sell for 10 cents…. you should buy it. Trust us.
  • Golf is boring.
  • When ever it rains it should also lightening. I love lightening. Don’t know why.

Other things that have happen lately

  • Easter. Easter is great. Mostly because dying eggs is a great thing to do in your spare time. I personally think I might just start dying all my eggs year round.
  • We took my little sister to see Hannah Montana movie this weekend (read: forced her to go with us so we wouldn’t look lame). It’s a winner. (Also we didn’t look as lame as my brother and his 3 friends)
  • We’ve been in game mode this weekend. Cranium, Mafia, Scum, etc. Games are the best.

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