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We hope you have a fantastic Valentines day. You should know that we LOVE Valentines Day.  So here’s a link to some Valentines Day songs, and if your really bored then here is another old Valentines Day post about different types of love.


As a special bonus today is also Chinese New Year! Year of the Tiger. I’ve been getting some hilarious poorly translated emails from all my Chinese friends. It’s really pretty enjoyable.  Plus I’ve always loved this holiday. Here’s a link to learn how to make a paper lantern.

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Fairy Tale

Kelli’s last post reminded me of this and after the thought came into my head I couldn’t help myself. This is my favorite wedding invitation ever. Enjoy.

Wedding Announcement

I’m going to go ahead and say that Mario and Peach is my favorite.

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Seriously. Look at this engagement photo… His face is a wierd color and it looks like he is seconds from chowing on her neck. and he’s grabbing onto her because otherwise she’ll get away but really she is just happy that maybe she’ll be a vampire too.


Also his feet are HUGE

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Red Valentine Heart

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays so hopefully everyone has a good time. Don’t be bitter and call it Singles Awareness Day, because the REAL Singles Awareness Day isn’t until tomorrow.

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I LOVE Hannah Montana

So much that I bought her Cereal. WOO HOO

best of both worlds

And it tastes DELICIOUS. And 20 calories less then normal cereal.  And really I jsut bought her cereal becuase I was on a ceral buying spree.

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Who wants a shirt with our faces on it?!


Hahaha. If we ever have a contest this will be the prize

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There is just so much there. And Check out his little treasure.

I particularly love the dancing and the fact the school teacher is dressed like one of our very own pioneers.

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