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Ok so, Its not actually the last day of summer. We don’t start till Wednesday. But Monday is move in day so we wont be home anymore. I used to be excited to go back to school, and I feel like maybe by Wednesday I will be. But right now, when people ask If Your excited for school to start I can barely muster the smile that goes with “yeah it should be really fun”. Anyways. that makes me sound depressed but I was thinking maybe there should be a list for our Best Moments of summer EVER

  • First comes tubing the river. Tubing the river is fun, pretty much no matter what happens. and people just think you are crazy and it is awesome.
  • Chalking at the hang out. Bringing out the kids hidden not very well in all of us. This includes eating Wendy’s like 4 nights of the week.
  • Late night No bake cookie cravings. I love those cookies…
  • Parade of Homes. Stealing candy, Dancing around in the hallways, singing about dead lambs, being crazy. ahhh good times
  • White water rafting on the Snake. Its freezing, Its AWESOME
  • Horseback riding. This Includes Horse club trail rides and shows. Horse club was the best of times
  • Bear Lake. Its just the greatest place, what more can be said
  • The random Nintendo phases Sadie’s house goes through and Everyone gets sucked in. Wave race, Mario Party, DDR, Smash bros. the cycle is never ending.
  • Going to the pool, even though we don’t really do anything
  • Midnight movie showings with the old gang. Huuu I sure do miss all those kids.
  • Sarah’s friends coming over and us acting like crazy people. Dressing up, Scaring them, running through the house doing whatever, getting super competitive.
  • Game nights. I love game nights.

Obviously Its pretty difficult to accept that in a few short years summer with nothing to do will be a thing of the past for me. NOOOO maybe I’ll be a teacher after all.

P.S. obviously we are both feeling pretty nostalic, I didn’t realize that you just posted about all the horse memories:D

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You know what I will miss most when we move away on Monday? Uh… I know my family goes here… umm after that though. Our horses! So in honor of our studly steeds I thought I would post a list of our best horse related moments

  • The time you ducked under a tree and it got caught on the hood of your jacket and then it flinged back and hit me in the face, and almost knocked me off my horse.
  • Munchi’s trip to the Post Office- Ok so sledding behind your horse on a snow tube is an awesome idea. But just a little tip… you probably shouldn’t leave that horse unattended when a strong gust of wind comes and blows the tube up behind it. I wonder what people were thinking when they saw a fully saddled riderless horse with a snow tube tied to it pounding up the side of the road…
  • Horse Club- aw horse club. Who wouldn’t love horse club? I mean a giant club of girls (occasionally 1 boy) who are all totally wimpy when it comes to riding horses and then me, you, and Elyse running around bareback and doing ballet on horses. They thought we were crazy, but we definitely had more fun then them. And Jessica who hates to love us, but just can’t help it. And lets face it did those wimpy girls ever win anything but Halter?
  • Horse Shows- haha must love horse shows and the crazy groom night before where you spend all night shampooing, braiding, clipping, and polishing and then by the end it looks like all the dirt that was once on your horse is now all over you. And we vowed to never win a Halter ribbon, because Halter is stupid and boring. I’m so glad we never won any. Oh yeah and remember the girl we both inexplicably couldn’t stand with the sparkly purple helmet cover and the plastered on smile? Or Elyse’s conspiracy theory about Helen winning all the blue ribbons. Or the time we accidentally wore our numbers on our backs at like Block Buster or Jamba Juice don’t remember which. Possibly both.
  • Jumping Lessons- Yeah! I miss jumping lessons. Those were intense and the girls there were SO NICE! Oh wait… this isn’t a barbecue… right so they were not nice at all. In fact all the girls there were pretty bratty, but jumping was awesome. Remember how sore it made us? Like the day after we’d be walking up the stairs at school and nearly dying. And I got those bleeding saddle sores once. Worth it though. Totally worth it. I love jumping. :)
  • The mitten game. Oh how genius was the mitten game? Very.
  • When we were seriously obsessed with the Triple Crown (and Smarty Jones) and we staged our own races. And made it a movie. That was hilarious. I wonder if that is still on our video camera?

Anyways wow that is long. I guess I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now. :)

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Well we are super excited for summer. One of the best things about college is the fact that summer comes so early. We are still trying to get used to the idea that we don’t have to go to school at all next month. WHOO! So anyways besides our usual summer activites here are some of our summer goals for the year.

  • Attend a Rodeo
  • Pull an All Nighter
  • Attend the wedding of someone we do not know
  • Wear our shirts backwards/inside out all day and keep a tally of how many people tell us.
  • Do the Sky Coaster (bungee jumping, but not really because you are actually laying down, and it’s more of a giant swing or something)
  • Get a better ribbon in our matched pairs horse show
  • Go to the Fair
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house.
  • dye our hair a new color possibly purple.
  • Improve at soccer
  • Continue our Team Splash amazingness (we tube a river on various tubes including a Lobster, a Seahorse/Dragon, and a giant sea turtle. And laugh when people are in giant professional rafts)
  • Earn money (college is expensive… espeically when you waste money like we do)

Completed Summer Goals of the past

  • Dye hair blue
  • Meet a dog bigger than Lindsi
  • Give someone a disgustingly made cake
  • Trick someone into thinking we are a foriegn exchange student
  • Go to a Llamafest
  • Take the Lobster Challenge
  • Do the Fair horse show
  • Dye our hair pink
  • Make Team Splash T-shirts (this might not count… apparently you should read instructions before doing iron on transfers)
  • Be in the 4th of July Parade
  • Ride a mechanical bull

P.S. In case you are wondering we don’t ever dye our whole head those colors… although I guess you just never know… maybe when it’s green year…. j/k

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Whats your best friends name? Kelli
How long have you known this person? Since 5th grade baby! We did sort of know of each other in 4th though.

Have they ever been to your house? Like a million and a half times

Have you ever had a sleepover with this person? Oh yeah! lol Always hilarious. Always.

What is Their Favorite Color? Red (usually, we are huge phase people)

Is this person keeping a secret of yours? Probably… I’m sure there is something.

What is their favorite TV show? The Office and E! True Hollywood Story. :D

Do you hug them a lot? Not tons. We aren’t huge hugging people, but if we haven’t seen eachother in a while or if one of us is leaving on vaca or something like that.

Are you friends with their siblings? Not really… or at all. But I do think her brothers can be hilarious.

What is this persons favorite food? Sometimes Chinese, lately Papa Murphy’s Pizza (she talks about it a lot at least ;D)

What is his/her middle name? Jean

What is their favorite band? Jonas Brothers or Boys Like Girls she also has a deep love and respect for many Simple Plan songs, although I doubt she calls them her favorite.

Are you friends with this person’s parents? It’s hard to define friends with adults for me… hmmm… I can talk to her easy enough, and sometimes I go on vacation w/her and stuff. Friends? IDK.

Have you met this person’s grandparents? Yep…. Good old Glen! “Holy Kittens!”

Have you and this person ever gotten in trouble together? Uh minor stuff like being loud, jumping on furniture, generally being crazy.

Does this person have a hidden talent? Wave Race! Also she can stay on a skate board. This impresses me. She always wins the jumping off the swings farthest contests too. Even against boys.

Have you ever been on vacation with this person? YEAH! Bear Lake (classic), Yellowstone (hilarious), The Road Trip (amazing), River Rafting (Yeah-ya!) , etc.

Do you know something about him/her that nobody else knows? Probably

What is this persons favorite movie? Dang. This is hard. We just have so many phases. The entire Stack. Am I allowed to say this? I think it should count. I mean who could really pick a favorite in our hilariously embarrassing stack of movies? Maybe Sky High? Drive Me Crazy? Although it’s sort of a Meet The Robinsons phase at the moment.

What is their favorite hobby? Horseback Riding

Have you ever worn each others clothes? Yeah we used to switch more when we were in High school

Have you ever worn matching clothes? Yeah totally not always on purpose though. I remember having to like memorize when she wore stuff so that I could wear it without fear of turning up in the exact same outfit. haha

Have you ever gone clubbing with this person? No, but we will some day (yeah we will)

Does your best friend live near you? Half and half (SOON we will be roommates though. Can’t wait!)

Has this person ever seen you cry? Yeah. And dang if it wasn’t for this last year I totally could have said no on here. I hate crying. Especially in front of people.

Say something only you and your best friend will understand: *Well sometimes… every once in a while*

If your best friend moved, would you move to be closer to them? We sort of are…. we are moving to the same college next year.

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So when I got the Christmas quilt picture it set me off thinking of the random things I think about when I think about Christmas…. here’s a few-Your dad falling down the stairs and trying to save him self on the thumb tacked up quilt
-Your mom having us watch pat a pan. and she always says the same thing but I don’t remember what is now
-Your mom only seeing the most unfortunate part of movies
-Ice skating with your ward. insert comment about Jordan being a figure skater. that should have been in his star profile.
-Eric and Brent hurdling over our couch in the living room because it is flipped the other way.
-Zachary Playing the same ridiculous Christmas song over and over until everyone in the house wants to break the piano
– You and Sarah singing that sister song
– Sydnie going through the toy catalogs and wanting everything
-Jordan your dad and Rhett playing dance dance that one year
-Your mom always demanding that the TV go back downstairs but it always takes like 2 weeks for it to actually go.
-Annihilating your dad at wave race.
-Drinking like 4 cups of hot chocolate a day

** you know what annoys me? people who put wreaths on their cars…
Guilty pleasure-be as… that song just makes me laugh


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Toodles will take the prize as numero Uno. Nothing is annoying like someone saying tootles or Toodleoo. Who even invented that??

Saying “human” or “humongous” or that kind of word with out the H. “Uman”, “Umongous” it just seems ridiculous.

That rubber and glue saying from elementary. It bugged me then and it bugs me now I don’t really know why,  but really I’m like rubber your like glue? There is nothing great about being rubber, and besides that means if you were like “wow you look really cute today!” and the other person was “rubber” they couldn’t even have the compliment.

Oy vey! is next… I say exclaim in English if you have to exclaim

People who say don’t got. In Jr high, kids said this all the time and I just never understood why. I don’t got no pencil!

Guilty pleasure- Thant Hannah Montana song. See you again. how annoying I hate it when I like really annoying music

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Well that was pretty much AWESOME! We are totally going to more concerts from this point on. So I am like spilling over with energy still, I keep jumping, and then I get really weird looks which I suppose makes sense.

Highlights of the Night:

  • Us looking for Justin and Tyler and Justin totally saw us, and just made fun of us. Like wouldn’t normal people wave or stand up so we could see them better?
  • People cheering really loud when Jerrytown said it was their last song. It would totally suck to be an opening band.
  • Ryan Peek, who hates you, being two rows down from us, and also behaving like the maniac that he is.
  • Us jumping and screaming and just generally being wild and crazy, Tyler dancing, Dustin shaking his head around, and Justin standing there with his hands in his pockets the whole time.
  • Justin’s brother wanting a picture of Sarah so he can make fun of her for thinking he had a mullet.
  • Watching all those girls freak out whenever the lead singer threw his empty water bottle out to the crowd.
  • Justin making fun of those girls by screaming really high pitched. I’m serious, I wish you had been standing by him so you could have heard it, because it was hilarious.
  • The fact that the main singer’s name is “Martin”
  • Tyler not being able to handle the bright lights, because he’d just had his eyes dilated.
  • The main guy, Martin (heh), totally looking like a panda.
  • The entire band’s pants…. haha what the heck!
  • Us at the gas station afterwards…. people think we are crazy (and most likely we are).

Obsession: BOYS LIKE GIRLS (mostly “Heels Over Head” still)

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Mall Madness

Well today I took a fabulous trip to the mall and here are some of the interesting things I saw

  • A man at the mattress store who was just laying on one of the beds playing the guitar. (This reminded me of that one totally random teacher that would just stand outside his class room and sing and play the guitar. Who the heck was he anyways?)
  • Santa Claus (Wow! That time already I guess…)
  • A security guard trip and fall

Now here are some of my Mall Memories

  • Kicked Up Lemonade gumballs. Seriously how much money would we have saved if we never bought one of these? Lots most likely, but you know what? We would have missed out on a great experience. (btw I ate one today for old times sake)
  • When JC Penny was cool, and now it sucks
  • When me, you, and Elyse would just buy the same shirts all the time
  • The ugly clothes game CLASSIC
  • Getting kicked our of JC Penny on the last day of 8th grade for playing the ugly clothes game…. also classic
  • Me leaving my cowgirl up hoodie in the dressing room of Vanity (still one of my greatest regrets in life)
  • That time I like threw myself onto a very soft look bed, and then it turned out to be like super hard, and not a mattress at all.

Also, it’s Hundreds Day! 100 posts and 100 hits! And 100 comment….. oh wait… 6 then.

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Well Kelli start learning that 2nd language! Also I don’t know if you have tried the Kool-aid version of otter pops, but just know they come highly recommended. And Kool-aid reminds me of our first sleepover so this post is going to be dedicated to Sleepover Memories
  • The time we made Kool-aid with double the sugar required. Possibly more.
  • Playing MASH all hours into the night
  • The Sedimentary Rock Ring
  • “Yeah because everyone has a miniature pool in their backyard.”
  • The bobby pin who owes you a life debt
  • How crazy we were the time we got to have a sleepover during school
  • Going to the football game that night, and then realising that you didn’t have to go home
  • “People are crazy.” “Yeah, good thing we’re not.” “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Staying up till like 3:00 in the morning and then going on a river run at 5:30, and not being tired at all.
  • “Those people just tipped their canoe!”
  • Us wanting Elyse and Demi’s sleeping bag spot, and them refusing to trade us, and then they ended up getting all wet.
  • The blinding light of your cell phone a.k.a. “The Sun”
  • The dance party in the morning when we slept over at Lyse’s
  • Taking forever on the Quiet Book
  • “Fly on the wall” “If I was invisible”
  • Going to Walmart at like 1:00 in the morning to get Lime Rickey Ice Cream,, and being totally freaked out by the scary people there.
  • Talking forever and ever and near the end totally not making sense

Anyways if you can think of anymore tell me. And I propose another sleepover this weekend! This week basically rocks mostly because you are coming home TOMORROW and we are going to a concert, and then you’ll go home, and we will have only ONE more day until it’s the weekend! YEE-HAW!

Guilty Pleasure: Three guesses… :D

http://www.todolistblog.com/ This blog is somewhat boring right now as they apparently just released a book about it or something, but I like the idea of it.

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We own nail polish with names like “pink promenade” or “big money green”
We are sort of bad at talking on the phone somehow
We are REALLY good at making mix CD’s
We run everywhere we go
No one was more made for a road trip then us and we have the same Spring Break
We go to the park and swing more than any other college kids I think
We ride horses
We are the same, but not
We have a dedicated readership (Rhett)
We play more board games than almost anyone
We have long memories and many inside jokes
There aren’t actually words invented to describe us
We embrace our guilty pleasures
We never fight
We laugh more than normal people
We get obsessed with stuff and that is awesome
We waste time productively (i.e. this blog, this list, and our many paint drawings)
We invent lines that can only be crossed by us
We own “shared” items
We are up for almost anything
We invented the Mitten Game
We are going to Arizona!

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