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AND I use that title EVERY YEAR. woooo. but cause I’m bored and have no actual funding I am making this list of things I want that I will never buy either for the price or because it’s like a joke so it would be a waste of money. So if you’re a millionaire or want to waste money on me here is a really good list for you.

1. True religions. These jeans = BEST JEANS EVER. I don’t get the designer hand bags or the juicy couture track suits but I GET designer jeans. I’ve borrowed a pair a couple of times and I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. Cost: upwards of $250

2. Macbook. in white. These computer are fun, and they look cool and yeah I’m a little shallow right now sorry. but also my computer sucks and I need a new one with a working screen. cost: Like $1000

3. Naluwaver. Seriously cool guys. I’m sure i would fry my fingers using it and probably wouldn’t get the same results but I think the idea is BRILLIANT. cost: $175

4. XM radio. Guys I hate normal radio now.  my cousins car has XM and it is RAD. cost: I’m to lazy to look it up

5. Samsung dual view camera. SO cool. and convenient if you’re the sort who never want to ask other people to take photos of you and your friends

6. Net flix 1 year 2 dvd subscription. There are lots of Movies and TV seasons I want to watch that I don’t feel like renting from block buster. **ASIDE* it cost $10 to rent a wii game from blockbuster. I’m boycotting*

7.BAND TEES. guy’s I’ve been banned from them down here cause my cousin says they make me look like a boy but I LOVE them and I want a ton of them.

8. A kindle. I’m pretty sure this is one of those things I would buy and then not use but every time I see someone with one I really want one

9. :D J/K alright so really I couldn’t think of any other random expensive stuff that wasn’t like cars or vacations :)

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Cause After Today

Our brains will be snoozing :D

We packed up today.
Ssee ya later school, HELLO SUMMER!!

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So I somehow found this website where some guy has made twitter sized summaries of a bunch of different movies. Some of them are pretty good. Here are my favorites:

E.T.: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
TWILIGHT: Girl gives up college for stalker.
KARATE KID: Boy gains acceptance through violence.
JURASSIC PARK: Theme park’s grand opening pushed back.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Dangerous insurgent invades neighboring country.
: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.
: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.
MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL: British comedy troupe inadvertently creates language lab for nerds.
RATATOUILLE: Vermin infest restaurant until it is forced to close doors.
THE X-MEN: Minority group seeks overthrow of social order.

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Here are just some random things I’ve been thinking about lately

  • Kelli and I were just wondering… what is up with the Little Caesar’s guy having chest hair?! That is just gross, when I want some pizza I do not want to be thinking about chest hair. Also he basically has no neck his body just sort of  molds into a head.
  • I am BEYOND ready for the summer! Summer is the best.  Finals are the worst. I’m hoping this last month of school speeds by. I can’t stop thinking about pool days, sunglasses, and river rafting. I can not wait.
  • I wonder how Anne Frank feels about the whole world reading her diary as a school assignment.
  • iCarly is a pretty great show.
  • It sort of bothers me when people say “chillin” or “he’s way chill” I don’t know why.
  • If ever you see crate paper on sell for 10 cents…. you should buy it. Trust us.
  • Golf is boring.
  • When ever it rains it should also lightening. I love lightening. Don’t know why.

Other things that have happen lately

  • Easter. Easter is great. Mostly because dying eggs is a great thing to do in your spare time. I personally think I might just start dying all my eggs year round.
  • We took my little sister to see Hannah Montana movie this weekend (read: forced her to go with us so we wouldn’t look lame). It’s a winner. (Also we didn’t look as lame as my brother and his 3 friends)
  • We’ve been in game mode this weekend. Cranium, Mafia, Scum, etc. Games are the best.

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And In an effort to get in a valentiney Spirit  I will post about Love movies that I love to Love. I realize that this list is far from full of classics but at least I’m honest.

Sweet Home Alabama. I love Reese Witherspoon, I love southern accents, I love that she buys him all new furniture to get back at him.
Freaky Friday. Her little brother is hilarious. but I think the boy she is in love with is totally gross. And really I am not so sure I know why I love this movie so much.
Cinderella Story. I think I have this movie memorized. there was a time I watched it more then once a week.
Italian Job. I realize this is not a Love Story Really but as far as action movies go this one has the best one.
Love Actually. I’ve only ever seen the edited version so there are some gaping holes in my movie story line but seriously this is a great movie…
10 Things I hate about You. Poor Heath. But He is funny in this movie and I generally love the title.
13 going on 30. I think I have a soft spot for Mark Ruffalo. And I watched the commentary and the little girls who play the young Jennifer Gardner and that other girl are both totally totally arrogant.

Movies I think Ought to be Stricken from the record

Clueless… Seriously
The Notebook. Simply because I hate how much other people like it
While You Were Sleeping. Which I hate for no reason

Also…I made a new banner. Becuase we are just so festive

Also… A new poll!

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Monday: Here is someone we saw sleeping in the hallway at school Monday morning. They had a blanket over their face so I’m pretty sure they don’t know we took a picture.

Storm Trooper

Monday: We went on a little grocery shopping spree at the local Walmart and saw this awesome lego thing. It seemed very picture worthy.


Monday: We have a deep belief in not using carts.

Photo Wall

Tuesday: There was a big room mate discussion about how boring our apartment is and how we could really use some pictures so me, Kelli, the vegan, and the vegitarian went to the D.I. (local thrift store) and pretty much cleaned out their art section. Some All of them are really ugly.

Cleaning Check

Wednesday: We TOTALLY forgot all about Cleaning Checks this day, and so we realised while we were at a movie that they were supposed to be coming like right then so we rushed home. This is our room before cleaning check.


Wednesday: Here is our room after cleaning checks, and we passed. Yeah… apparently cleaning checks at this apartment are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thursday was either really boring or we forgot to take pictures that day. Could easily be both. I don’t remember anything about Thursday to tell you the truth.

Movie Tickets

Friday: We went to see Bolt (not Twilight) and it was GREAT! We really liked it. Anyways while looking through my purse I realized how much money I waste on movies, and yeah some of those tickets are a little embarrasing.  But seriously add that up!

Me and Kelli

Us RIGHT NOW! This very minute. Ok no, like 5 minutes a go, and I sort of look like a chipmonk, but chipmonks can be fun.

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12 Movies

We got tagged by Just a Girl to do this movie Tag.

“The Meme that asks what if YOU could pick 12 movies to run at the New Beverly Cinema?”

1) Choose 12 Films to be featured. They could be random selections or part of a greater theme. Whatever you want.

2) Explain why you chose the films.

3) Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so Piper can have hundreds of links and she can take those links and spread them all out on the bed and then roll around in them.


I’ll be honest I have no clue what the New Beverly Cinema is. But we like movies and we are game for tags. This is the problem… I like Embarrassing movies more then normal ones usually…

1.Pocahontas- The best Disney cartoon. I mean she jumps off waterfalls and has a pet Raccoon! That is AWESOME 
2. Meet the Robinson’s- Even though the time thing totally messes with my head in this movie I still think its real funny.

I probably should never have seen this…
3.Bratz- Ahhh we have discussed this movie before but really it’s so stupidly funny that you just have to love it. I mean really Its totally Dramatic. you can laugh but if you haven’t seen it a part of you hasn’t lived yet.
4. Saddle Club Movies- Ummm we like horses.  And this show is SO dramatic. And the actors forget to have accents sometimes. And actually apparently they are or were popular in Australia

Kids movies that rock
5. Nancy Drew- It’s funny, It has a way cute boy. Its enjoyable all around
6. Sky High-It’s awkward sometimes, the characters are hilarious, bad hair, and weird super powers. plus a best friend boy which you know we love

Random Teen Movies
7.Drive Me Crazy- If you haven’t seen it WATCH IT. It’s hilarious. And as an added bonus its a little bit best friend boy and a little bit girl next door.
8. Stick it- I Adore this movie. Funny all around.

Be Glad This isn’t your Family
9. Yours mine & ours- There are so many of them! But really its like chaos all the time. Their house is really cool though
10. She’s the Man- Her mom is delusional, her brother is practically a runaway and she has to cover for him and her dad wears a sweater around his shoulders *shudder*

Foreign Film (cause we’re cultured like that)
11.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Love, action, great song and dance, crazy eyebrows, runaways subtitles… This Bollywood film has it all and more. you probably wont find it at your local movie store, but it’s on netflix and it comes highly recommended

Pre emptive this movie will probably be awful but I’ll like it anyways
12. Twilight- I just don’t know that it can go in to movie form correctly, and the trailers make is seem ultra dramatic. But Sadie Thinks it’ll beat Quantom of Solace and I think shes right.

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Movie Day

So today in my Bio class we had a movie day. Which everyone is totally down with. Our professor is on some field trip. So here I am sitting in class watching a movie on Dinosaurs. “Allosaurus: Walking With Dinosaurs” to be exact. At first I couldn’t really figure out why we were watching a movie on Dinos. It doesn’t really relate to what we are talking about in class right now at all so I wasn’t really sure the point of the movie until….. I found out that apparently my Professor is IN the movie.

***Update: as an added bonus you can actually watch this movie in the instant movies on Netflix.***

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Ok so we aren’t dinos. But we have returned. Also I think I have seen this movie , but I dont remember it. I always laugh at the cover though. 5 dollars says its totally dumb and hilarious, but apparently steven Spielburg was involved… so maybe it’s a high quality talking dinos movie. whos to know?

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