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So tomorrow is NEW YEARS EVE! I’m pretty excited. Especially since my clock is still a little off, and I’ve been staying up till 3 am anyways. Plus I love New Years Eve. It’s just a fun time, and then all these Greatest ____ of 2009 lists come out. I love lists, and since it’s the end of the year DJ Earworm made his annual Mashup of this years top billboard songs.  It’s pretty cool, and you can download the mp3 for free right on the site.

I think the 2008 one is pretty cool as well. Viva la Vida and Disturbia  just make for good mashup songs.  United State of Pop 2008

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So my favorite uncle, Derek, actually showed this to me like 3 years ago. I had completely forgotten about it until today and after watching it again I knew it was blog worthy. So here it is…. the worst music video ever made (seriously that’s what I searched to find it).

Some important things to pay attention to:

  • The horrible choreography (i.e. the use of “the lawnmower”)
  • If you watch the dancers in the back at the beginning you will notice that one of them seems to have forgotten the moves, and lets face it they are pretty complicated.
  • What is up with the main singer?!?! The Michael Flatley shirt and also his hair!?!?!

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So right now I’m sort of obsessed with this Rocket Summer song.

Also I am sort of obsessed with the band tees, which are awesome. Particularly these two.



So you know… if you feel like buying me one of those shirts I won’t complain. Promise.  (Do you think that 2nd one comes with the sleeves?! haha Get it?)

P.S. Tonight our room mates (The Vegan and the Vegitarian) are having a “Hot Chocolate Party” which as far as I can tell involved buying 5 different flavors of Stephans Hot Chocolate and inviting people over. Anyways our room mates tend to have very… interesting friends. So I’m really hoping that there will be some entertaining weird people so I can at least get a good story out of it. :)

Update: Amount of ex-boyfriends commited to coming tonight: 5

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Alright so Tokio Hotel. I realize that a lot of people are way obsessed with them. Especially in Europe. And they are apparently just going to take the U.S. music scene by storm. So I’ve been meaning to check them out for a long time now just to see if they are really as amazing as everyone says. And today I actually did because our friend who’s in Spain right now emailed me and told me they are “the milk” (???) But did you know they are all boys? I really had no idea. I thought that the main singer guy was a girl. I’ve seen pictures of them like a million times, and It never even occurred to me that she/he might be a boy. But in my defense he kind of sounds like a girl when he sings. Not to mention the french tipped nails at 1:30.

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We want to dance like this.

If the video won’t work click here

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Whooo hooo

I just found out I don’t work tomorrow! this is fabulous, because it means i will be able to purchase bonus Jonas in the morning:D Yeah yeah! there is just something good about this week… maybe its because the last one was so unkind. but this weekend is going to ROCK. is Tyler going to be back from Cali or is it going to be you, j-cat,and me? heh we are going to get him so good… and I get off early! yeah!!! do you work Friday? that will be lame if you do but really nothing can dampen these spirits!! aye yi yi! heh did you try to hug an ugly at lagoon again? that was so funny last time haha! today in sociology we had show and tell and my teachers kids brought there chihuahua. I always forget how much I hate them till I see them again. eww. but one girl brought her sugar glider and it was awesome. I want one of those. and a hedge hog. they could be Friends.

I was just listening to wall to wall and had a thought. there should be a CD of all the songs we do specific dances to. suggestions?

Guilty pleasure: 7:05

P.S.- I dont think that you like this song… but still watch 2:13- 2:16… THAT IS AMAZING!! also around 2:54 there is a cool one

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