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I’m not way into football so when the Superbowl comes around I figure I have 4 options.

Option 1: Cheer for the team with the best colors and/or mascot
Option 2: Cheer for which ever team happens to be winning at the time. Even if this means switching teams several times.
Option 3: If someone you are watching the game with has a strong attachment to one of the teams it’s always fun to cheer for the opposite side.
Option 4: Pay no attention at all.

This year I went for Option 1 and cheered for the Cardinals which turned out to be a mistake.

Other Thoughts:

  • The commercials were pretty disappointing this year. Although I did think the doritios one was sort of funny where every time he ate a chip something good happened, but when he ran out he got hit by a bus.
  • Bruce Springsteen is old.
  • If they insist on always inviting way old people I would like to submit Bon Jovi.

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Actually I wasn’t Stalking…ok only a little So my old beehive young women’s leader added me on face book. AWKWARD. Especially because she didn’t really like me as I was a rather rambunctious child. Also I was in her primary class and I was a devil child in primary. We were never really on good terms so her adding me was a little confusing. Anyways face book is like a bad habit so I was just on her page because real live grownups (such as over 35 people) who are on face book really confuse me… IDK it just seems weird. particularly if they are married with children on facebook. but actually this is like a post in it’s self. (My moms cousins have started to add me? Weird) Any ways back to this lady. At least 50. Might be older then my mom I giver her 50-55 no younger. So I look at her pictures She Plays Grand theft Auto!! She was at the midnight release! What is this world coming too?? She was wearing this shirt!

grand theft auto

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