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And almost all of my winter clothes are at home so I hardly had to pack anything. Also I just found out today I only have on pair of socks and i never really noticed becuase i just wear flip flops everyday.  I’m also trying to clean my room as I pack which is something I never ever do. usually I just make a mess and clean it up after but since i live with my cousin I’m trying to keep it a little clean… her husband hates that i’m a little bit messy… which is fine. but guys… I”M GOING HOME IN LESS THEN 12 HOURS wooo hoo!!! we’ll see if i meet anyone interesting on the plane tomorrow I always manage to be sitting next to the oddest chatty people in planes

also I created this.

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On Friday we did Lot’s of stuff. Sadie Got album art for my Itunes and I drew this.

Fun right? But actually we did go to the rock the block concert which was awesome. Some cool local guys played, Benton Paul and Allred… And some other boring guy who we don’t remember… John Pinney apparently. He played all his songs in minor which was annoying.

P.S. My computer is self healing. Like that girl from Heroes or something

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Ok so SOMEONE… told me my paint art wasn’t very good. and I was like yeah, I’m no artist, but really how good can you be at paint… here is my very favorite piece of paint art work.

Unless you are looking for my fav. blog paints which are weekend warriors and the punishment. Neither are really fabulous but I enjoy them. But the lake Powell one is my best I would say. I enjoy the shadow of the rocks. and Actually I won the paint contest I was having with my brother. I would post his but he didn’t save it. but here is an example of his.

Unicorn attempt

So obviously I have him beat no contest.. I mean that unicorn looks like it has 3 legs, but one of them is actually a tail. So obviously I can be that bad right? 

and then, foolishly I went looking to prove my point. observe.

Really??? who has time for that?? I bet it took these people like a million years to finish.  But obviously I have a long way to go.

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Round 2

I was going to link you back to an old post. but found that I either didnt tranfer it in the move or just never posted it. so I will post both picutres now. as you can tell my paint people have evolved. but it is the same guy.

The first encounter

And now he’s ba-ack

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Not that messy

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Mad for plaid

Jordan The Fashionista… He’s mad for plaid

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