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One Year Older and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Kelli!

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Sadies dad turned 50 on wednesday… which means he is pretty much an old man now. We threw him a nice little Hawaiian party… Which he loved… here he is enjoying the spotlight.

The hawaiian Hottie

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Jeepers Creepers

So… Last night I went to some dance party with my roommates and one of their friends. Anyways, we went to this party which was awesome. Except for oh yeah, Dancing at high-school stomps is not the same as dancing with a bunch of college kids. So my roommate K. who actually doesn’t live with us anymore was here and she like goes clubbin and stuff so she is like this awesome dancer and my other roommate is good too. SO fortunatly I was surrounded by people who knew how to dance and I just pretended I did. I think that a girly figure  really helps people to dance better. Because like Elyse was a good dancer and my roommates are both good dancers. Maybe I just don’t have rhythm. who knows? Anyways It was pretty fun. but there were alot of guys there. Starers. or creepers at the roomies call them and they were TOTALLY CREEPING ON US! AHHH I hate people who stare at me. and there was one really tall one that I just wanted to walk up to and be like, “what is your problem?” Tall people sortof creep me out. particularly if they are watching me

Not until after I finished writing this did I realize how pointless it was….. sorry:D

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Well Sarah’s party is about to start, and I just thought I’d get on here, and you know just tell you whats going on. So they have a bonfire outside, and my Dad set up all these lawn chairs and hay bales for them to sit on, and a toilet. Yes a toilet. This is another one of my Dad’s ill fated jokes (there are many). Anyways he thought it would be hilarious. Sarah thought it was the most embarrassing thing on the planet, and so it was moved. Shame really. Now I am being sent off to get 3 dozen donuts. Yay. More updates to come.

Update: This has nothing to do with the party but is hilarious none the less. Sarah just totally fell down the stairs. Like from the top step, and I was there to see it. I love it when that happens. Then she went downstairs, and she was like “I just fell down the stairs!” and my Mom just said all nonchalantly, “Oh. I thought that was Sadie again.”

Update: Well the guest are just arriving. I had a nice little reunion with Chelsea (who is basically the coolest person invited). Ah Chelsea. She’s hilarious. And as soon as I get word Joey is here me and my purse are out of here! Although I was talking to Derek earlier, and we did think it would be fun to scare them. No idea if we actually will though.

More Updates: Well we’ve handed the scaring business over to Zachary and Brett. They are hiding in the trees as we speak. I am being sent out with a note for Joesph that says “Girls rule Boys are LAME!!!” from Sydnie. Also a little earlier I had a rather awkward coversation with Justin on the phone…

Update: Well somehow I got roped into the scaring thing, and Joesph for unknown reasons was in on it too. So there I was in my black cords, grey button up, and the black sequin flip flops crawling in a muddy pipe. Nice huh. I eventually took off my shoes, because they got all wet and I kept tripping causing Joey to offer me his arm too many times (this kid is way too polite) so I just took them off and then I could actually run a lot faster too. Then at the end I accidentally stepped on a Russian Thorn Tree branch and the thorn went all the way up my foot. I didn’t actually notice it much though. Well I felt it go in and I pulled it out, and I could tell it was bleeding, but it didn’t really hurt. Only today it is, and it feels really weird because I can even feel the inside part of my foot that it went up.

Update: Next bit of drama Zach lost my Mom cell phone somewhere out in the field. (We were using them to communicate with each other when we had to spilt off in to twos.) Then the kids went on the hay ride, and Joey actually staid back to help look for it, and expressed a wish to be away from the girls. So for one night at least he was cool, and he didn’t even mention stealing my purse until the very end (sort of spoiled the magic a little). We did not find it.

CMM (Classic Munchi Moment): The horses were all pretty freaked out by all the people so they were like running back and forth non stop so my Dad’s like “why don’t you throw them some more food to distract them.” So I do and Jokkar just keeps running and I’m like “oh come on. It has to tempt Munchi at least!” but then he makes as if he is going to keep running to, and I’m like “WHAT!?!” and then he just stops dead. Runs back grabs a bunch of hay in his mouth and then keeps running.

Just a little side note: We have the annual Family Halloween party today and so Zach was all “I know a costume that will the scare the pants off of everyone!” “I’ll be you!” So now he is parading around in that one black sundress. Yeah embarrassing I know.

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