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The Heat Miser

My brother

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Happy Easter!


P.S. Kelli…. still missing some eggs…

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Rollin’ in an Escalade

I wish all local law enforcement was this funny.


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Yay for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is great, and we LOVE holidays. So everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving.

5 (superficial) Things I am Thankful For:

  1. Black Friday Shopping (tomorrow!!)
  2. Our blog which is awesome
  3. Now people can’t get mad at me when I listen to Christmas music
  4. The pies my Mom is making in the next room
  5. My iPod isn’t broken like I thought it was

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4th folder, 4th picture. I actually wasn’t going to do this Tag when I saw it on other peoples blogs. But then I went and looked at my 4th folder, 4thpicture and couldn’t resist.

on the left is my little brother, on the right my cousin. you may think the white line on my brother is his underwear at first glance. WRONG. That is his burn line. We were in Hawaii and that was his 5th day without sunscreen. LOVE IT. Also the looks on their faces are pretty funny. Its obvious they both think they are wicked awesome.

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Just you wait. Introducing Vogue, one of Sadie’s kittens.

Models definetly
Models definitely


Me and Vogue are practically best friends. And Since I am such a wicked awesome artist and photog I decided I would take a few shots of her. Here are my Fav’s


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I did one of these when I left Logan. Now I feel another is necessary. Tomorrow Is the last day of my job at the Aviary. WEIRD. A part of me has waited all summer for this day. And now I sortof dread it. perhaps that is due to the fact that As my job ends so does summer. NOOOO. Anyways.

Things I’ll Miss

Some of the weird people I work with
Dirt cheap Popsicles
Working outside
Having a flexible schedule
Listening to all the crazy Bird people over the radios

Alright SO there isn’t much there…. Now

Things I Wont

Our Archaic Credit Card Machines. (we have one slider and one that still uses that carbon paper. no lie.)
Dressing up as the pelican (this might get a whole post some day)

Awww cute, Thats not actually me. it's Conner

fun right? NOT






Having both bird shows memorized
Our Phone System from the 70’s
Our really Gross floors
Some of the weird people I work with
Having to think up new fun crafts
Our broken ticket window
Counting Money
The nasty water
Being a good customer server when I really just want to tell them how dumb they are
Having to remind myself not to answer my phone and say “Aviary, this is Kelli”
Being yelled at by bird show for being late

Obviously I’m not that broken up about leaving..

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So when faced with a potentially boring Wednesday night we came up with the perfect solution. We couldn’t tolerate another night of “Super Smash Brothers” (we sort of went through a phase, but we beat it now) we decided to have a bonfire complete with war paint, our own Indian nick names, and a rain dance. It was awesome. Altough Indians probably didn’t roast marshmallows.

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You know my Green Sea turtle I tubed the river with?

He lost his life at Lake Powell… He took a screw to the head and instantly deflated. Ouch. I wanted to bury him there but my mom wouldn’t let me. Apparently thats littering. haha. Anyways. I had an awesome time. Here is one of my favorite pass times

It might not look that fun and really boating was my fav pass time but when you spent more then half your day on the house boat this was awesome, Wind in your hair, The constant fear that one of the boys sitting next to you would shove you off or jump off himself, freaking out the grown ups. Whats not to love? Those are my cousins with me. Now the highlights and I suppose low lights of my trip.

Killer Mat burn on my Elbow from tubing
Jumping off a 30ish foot cliff
Getting my best tan that didn’t include going to hawaii
Losing and finding my Fav red sunglasses 6 times
Sleeping up on the deck and Having bats swoop at me
Hanging out with my wierd cousins till I started to talk like them. eek

 And more pictures if you feel the desire

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Maybe. haha Jk. but I am leaving to Lake Powell for a week. to say that I am thrilled is an understatement. But I’ll be back, with maybe even some pictures. who knows. And I am taking the turtle that I tube the river on, so that should be exciting. I’m really looking forward to watching my family members wither up and die without cell phone service, Brents a gonner for sure. AND I’m Staying in Arizona tonight. cool right??  Awesome possum, WHooo hooo

Dont Forget me. :D

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