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So when faced with a potentially boring Wednesday night we came up with the perfect solution. We couldn’t tolerate another night of “Super Smash Brothers” (we sort of went through a phase, but we beat it now) we decided to have a bonfire complete with war paint, our own Indian nick names, and a rain dance. It was awesome. Altough Indians probably didn’t roast marshmallows.

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You know my Green Sea turtle I tubed the river with?

He lost his life at Lake Powell… He took a screw to the head and instantly deflated. Ouch. I wanted to bury him there but my mom wouldn’t let me. Apparently thats littering. haha. Anyways. I had an awesome time. Here is one of my favorite pass times

It might not look that fun and really boating was my fav pass time but when you spent more then half your day on the house boat this was awesome, Wind in your hair, The constant fear that one of the boys sitting next to you would shove you off or jump off himself, freaking out the grown ups. Whats not to love? Those are my cousins with me. Now the highlights and I suppose low lights of my trip.

Killer Mat burn on my Elbow from tubing
Jumping off a 30ish foot cliff
Getting my best tan that didn’t include going to hawaii
Losing and finding my Fav red sunglasses 6 times
Sleeping up on the deck and Having bats swoop at me
Hanging out with my wierd cousins till I started to talk like them. eek

 And more pictures if you feel the desire

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Maybe. haha Jk. but I am leaving to Lake Powell for a week. to say that I am thrilled is an understatement. But I’ll be back, with maybe even some pictures. who knows. And I am taking the turtle that I tube the river on, so that should be exciting. I’m really looking forward to watching my family members wither up and die without cell phone service, Brents a gonner for sure. AND I’m Staying in Arizona tonight. cool right??  Awesome possum, WHooo hooo

Dont Forget me. :D

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Wow I really hate that title. It kind of reminds me of something that my Mom will have written across a scrapbook page once she developes her photos…. Anyways. We really love the 4th of July. It’s just such a great holiday. I mean what else combines grills, water fights, and expolsives? Plus you’ve got to love the Parades. Our little towns parade is not really the coolest thing around I’m sure, but I still love it. This year my fam went with some of my younger cousins, and let me tell you it was an experience. I don’t think most kids main excitement for parades comes from throwing those little poppers at police men, but apparently that’s what they were looking forward to. Which is awesome I guess. Also if you like Salt Water Taffy you could really clean up at these things. Someones throwing that stuff at you like every other second. Plus it reminded me of when we rode our horses in the parade. Good times…. sort of… After the parade we went to my G-mas for a Barbeque and played some games and stuff with the cousins and Kelli came too. You should know I am totally the champion of the Frozen T-shirt contest, and that Kelli, Me, and Ashley (my awesome cousin) were totally rocking some awesome crate paper bandit masks all day.

4th of July Heroes

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♫Posted on this blog for the world to see♫… Ok I am done now. I don’t know If we have previously discussed the fact that very few photos of Sadie and myself together. I realize this may not seem weird to some of you, but the fact is we have been best friends for 6 years, and have been on vacations and to birthdays ect ect. So I decided to make a photo time line. I Think I am missing only two photos, which will be added later from Sadie’s files.

First Snake river and bear lake trip together

I think. The first Family vacation we went on together. Also Our first fabulous experience rafting the snake river whooo hooo! Age: 13-14

One of our three excursions to EFY.

we should have at least 4 EFY pictures. because we went 4 years. obviously we suck at being our own paparazzi. Age:16

Insert here a picture that will never see the light of day again of us at camp. imagine no make up, huge dark circles from staying up all night and tired smiles. Age:15

yellow stone round one, nice hats

Ahh Yellowstone. Good times. cool hats right? Age: 16 and 17 I believe

Emo day

Us being weird. actually there are more then one picture of this day, but I’m not counting pictures of the same situation. Age: 17

yellowstone again

Yellow stone again. only one picture of this vacation. and I look like a hunch back. Age: 17 and 18


Graduation, age: 17 and 18.

horse show!

Last horse show of the summer, showing off our killer ribbons and prizes. check out my hilarious hyper face. Age: 18

Road Trip

Road trip yeah yeah! age:18

most recent photo

Most recent photo, we are at the hangout and we just colored food pyramids. cool right??

P.S. I am extremely proud of the music notes in the title.

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I don’t really get into the whole social networking thing much. My myspace basically exists just so I can log on when I’m bored and laugh at other peoples pages, but I must admit…. I do love the flair application on facebook. I’m sort of obsessed with it really.

But you know what I don’t get… those Vampire/Ninja/Werewolf/Pirate application things… whats up with that?

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Sadies dad turned 50 on wednesday… which means he is pretty much an old man now. We threw him a nice little Hawaiian party… Which he loved… here he is enjoying the spotlight.

The hawaiian Hottie

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