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We love all holidays, but we really love Halloween! It’s the best! So maybe we will put some pics of our costumes up later, but first here is a little list of costumes we saw at school today. This list has grown considerbly through out the day. Apparently our school LOVES to dress up. So you know if you are still having trouble deciding what you are going to be here is a GIANT list of ideas.

  • A Hindu monk- not offensive, because the kid is actually from India
  • 2 Twilight Vampires- I think possibly Alice. Apparently Utah county’s obsession for Twilight goes a little beyond the norm. They have a Twilight Fanfare booth in the mall.
  • A Hippie
  • Marc Antony and Cleopatra- who doesn’t love couples costumes?
  • An Indian
  • Boy with liter hosen
  • A mid-evil Arabic Dumbledore- ok we don’t actually know what this guy was, but it’s my (Sadie) Humanities Professor.
  • A Cat- this was a boy complete with some leather pants and a little purple bow around the tail
  • A Bunny- just the ears. You know animal ears= instant costume
  • 80’s work out girl- workin’ those leg warmers
  • A Saloon girl
  • A Pirate, not Jack Sparrow, another pirate
  • Identical Twin Cowgirls
  • Japanese Fisherman
  • A Hunter, the old standby for Eric. guaranteed he does it again this year
  • A peacock- this costume was actually really cool.
  • A slutty Raggedy Anne
  • A genie
  • 4 devils
  • Seriously into it witch
  • devil/ angel (very cool)
  • Sexy Ref
  • Baby- including the pacifier
  • 2 Ballarinas, one of them a boy in one of those fat blow up costumes
  • Flapper
  • Gorilla- nothing like seeing a giant Gorilla walking down the hallway.
  • Ladybug
  • Pajama Sam (love it)
  • Popeye the Sailor
  • iPod Person- goes the extra mile and even dances down the hall
  • The Space Jam alien with the helmet and no face just eyes
  • 2 Confederate Soilders
  • Spiderman
  • Wonder woman
  • Little Red riding hood
  • Super Man
  • Gypsie
  • Wednesday (you know from the Aadams Family?)
  • Sherrif
  • Doctor
  • A hawaiian
  • Pebbles from the Flintstones
  • Man in dress
  • Man bride (ew)
  • Prom Queen- real prom dress
  • Cowboy
  • Kimono person
  • Nancy Drew?
  • Santa
  • School Girl
  • Easter bunny
  • Zombie bride
  • Giant Elmo
  • Charlie Chapman- really into it, even walks all funny
  • OMG! BALLERINA BOY!!! as a hooker? drag queen? You would not belive! I wish I could get a picture, fishnets, thigh high boots, hot pants. hahaha
  • Taikwando Master
  • Waldo- Ah! Where is he?!?!
  • Court Jester
  • Farmer
  • Detective
  • Hashbrowns a.k.a. the boy I (Kelli) hate is Zoro
  • a Sugar Daddy
  • Mccain? or maybe just a weird looking old man (essentially the same thing)

Also I’ve noticed that sometimes it is hard to tell if people are wearing a costume or if they just dress like that everyday. Oh yes and I over heard a great conversation too

The Hindu Monk Boy: (trying to impress the Twilight Vampire) Yeah I’m a strong man, I work really hard *flexes arm* you think? But something about scary movies just really freaks me out. I think it’s the Devil.
Twilight Vampire Girl: Something I can not really hear
The Hindu Monk Boy:Yeah next time I watch one I’ll just look down at my muscle *flexes again* and then I’ll be ok.

Aw every girls dream come true. A strong Hindu monk to protect them from the Devil.

And here is our Halloween Playlist. (Yeah, yeah this post is getting rediculously long. Who cares it’s a holiday.)

  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare before Christmas Soundtrack
  • Ghostbusters theme song
  • Adams family theme song
  • Monster Mash (classic)
  • Vampire- from the Juno soundtrack
  • Hall of the Mountain King- from Manheim Steamrollers Halloween album
  • Black Magic Woman- Santana
  • I Put a Spell on You- some person I don’t want to bother to look up
  • Disturbia- Rihanna

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Today while I was sitting in the hallway of my favorite building (liberalarts) being a good little student and studying for my Humanities test I overheard a lot of great conversations. I love it when people just walk by and you just hear one line of whatever they are talking about, and it just sounds so funny. So anyways here are some funny things I overheard today.

Lady walking by: Hey cute shoes!
Girl: Oh, thanks!
*Lady leaves*
Girl:Too bad her’s were ugly.

Boy: Look I know I’m going into mental health, but I think I’m going crazy.

Boy standing by the TV that plays election stuff all day:Man government officals are liars. Liars who spend too much money.

Boy:Yeah my iPhone is cool. I don’t really know how to use it yet, but it is pretty cool.
Girl: Wait you’ve had it for like a long time now right?
Boy: Well yeah… so.

Girl: Hey!
Other Girl: Oh hey! Oh my gosh I didn’t even recognize you, you look cute!
*awkward silence*
Other Girl: Oh well just like always I mean.

Girl: Wow when did you get engaged?!?
Engaged Girl: This morning at 5.
Girl: Whoa, was it a nightmare?

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So… every year my Family goes to yellowstone for memorial day its my family and my moms sisters family really.  Usually Sadie Comes but she couldn’t this year, so not as fun as usual, but you cant hate on vacations. some generally funny things happened though so I’ll just put them down here. first some quote highlights

My cousin Wes(24) ” Hey look a person wearing a cape!” rolls down window “EXPECTO PATRONUS!” the person wearing the cape looked flabbergasted

Brother Brent (16) and cousin Jeff (19) Brent:”Wow there are alot of Asians here” Jeff: “drive closer dad, I’ll touch them” (sidenote: I am pretty sure this is because we were trying to reach out the window to touch a buffalo earlier in the day. My family makes alot of racist jokes… sorry)

Now a wild life report

  • Bears-7
  • Buffalo-100s
  • Elk-100s
  • Coyote-1
  • Pine martins-1
  • antelope-20ish
  • horses-4 in the park

One of the bears was really cool because we were only like 20 yards from it.

I only saw two geysers, I was going for Zero but its hard to avoid seeing old faithful when your cabin is practically next door and everyone walked to this one little one called anemone so I couldn’t really stay behind. The breakfast that we go to every memorial day was as nasty as ever. I Swear they have the worlds grossest eggs there. blah. The boys invented a new game… I don’t know the name of it. but it consists of one person throwing a snowball and aiming for the other persons face, and if the person being thrown at flinches they get white washed, you are not allowed to close your eyes or run. Boys ar such morons.

 P.S. Hey just a girl heres tagging you for our three things post.


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Quote of the night by my Aunt as a direct personal jab to my uncle: “Sure I’ll pass him the potatoes! he needs to eat more and his plate isn’t piled high already.” hahaha I am glad to report that sibling feuds never got old for these two and that the younger always comes out on top.

I also was made to sit through a half hours worth of discussion on whether or not I am allowed to live where I am living next year due to university housing rules.  Apparently I am allowed… I already paid, so shut up already.

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So today, we went to see David Archuleta from American Idol! It was pretty crazy, but hilarious and fun. We took the new Public transportation train dealio. here are the high lights of our trip.

  • The onrey man who didn’t want to admit he was taking the train. Public transit is so second rate
  • The hilarious boy at the train station who told us “We’re going to see Davy!”
  • Stroke of luck, We ride for FREE!! Thank you broken ticket machine.
  • The cool mom who let her children be checked out of school, and later lost one of them. She wanted to seem alot harder then she actually was…
  • Us being dumb, and not knowing what to do when the door shut right in front of us to get off the train. ” uhhh uuhhh what?” man who thought we were idiots “You just push this button” *said in disdainful voice*
  • Small girl from above mentioned family “There really aren’t any people here!” oh you sweet naive little girl. Yes there is.. A ton.. Just wait
  • Unsuspecting woman gateway shopper to us, “Hey guys do you know whats going on here?” us”oh yeah, David Archuleta’s here, you know from American Id..” “OH! riiiggghhht”. like all those screaming fan girls must have been quite the shock.
  • Us being lucky again and standing just feet from where David Archuleta exited his limo. of course we are not wise enough to bring a camera.. psh.
  • The MOB of girls sprinting up the down escalator as he went up the up one. also the up escalator being packed so there was like 5 people a stair.
  • Us being interviewed by a nice reporter who asked what we thought of the crazy-ness
  • The girls, about 10 of them who were all writing their names and numbers down on a piece of paper (ridiculous) and then claiming they were not stalkers.
  • The girl who shrieked in Sadie’s ear about David Archuleta touching her hand. Why is this even a big deal?
  • The girl bragging on the way home about David Archuleta’s camera man breaking her nose. And bragging about how everywhere she goes she see famous people. Sorry buddy, your nose isn’t broken, and lets be honest no one really cares that you saw Hayden Panettiere across the street from you…

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Most Awkward Conversation of the Day: tie between my Dad talking about Love at the dinner table and the weird oldish guy who came into my work today. So the weird oldish guy like comes in and pays and whatever, and then he is just like hanging around making pointless conversation to me which isn’t that unusual but then he’s like “So do you have boyfriend?” “Uhh…. I’m sort of young…” “Oh really how young?” “18” and he’s like “Oh! I thought you were like 23!” Uh no… you did not. No one in the world thinks I am 23. Most people think I am 16. Either way I am totally putting my hair in pigtails first chance I get. No one wants to grow up.

Best Quote: “Well that boy was queerer than a 3 dollar bill.”
— The old lady at my work after some really weird most likely gay modern dance major boy came in, and chatted us up for awhile.

Best Jordan Moment: During FHE My Dad asks what dispensation we are in right now, and Jordan is all “Isn’t it the Mesozoic or something?”

Best Cookie Salesmen: Sydnie, it’s school fundraiser time, and she is on a rampage. She must get that pair of text messengers! She even somehow convinced me into it…. now the question is Pretzel making kit or white chocolate chip macedonian?

Worst Fake Sicker: Sarah…. “who is not faking”

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Youtube Users

A while ago you made a little tribute to youtube, and I am going to add to it. Because youtube is hilarious not just because of the movies on it, but because the people who comment are so rediculous sometimes. Here’s some good youtube user quotes.

claireo579: y do people leave if there just gonna be misarable if your having a prob with a bf/gf dont just brake up with them cause then all its gonna leave u with is all the momories!!!!!! believe me give them a chance
someboy33: What if they left you and hooked up with your mom HUH!? THEN WHAT!?

naturefreak: ok not be rude or anything, but people on here are so weird. I mean if you read these comments you would think 98% of youtube users bf/gf died or a drug overdose or a drive by shooting. Why do people just get on here and pour out all their probs? The internet can be so interesting…

Prisillya: this mv (Honestly by:Cartel) totally exemplifies our generation (hopefully your spelling doesn’t)

Cadegoestocollege: You know what I really really hate? Cinnemon gum. I don’t want my gum to be spicy. I don’t want a mexican fiesta in my mouth. It burns. I don’t like it. (good to know)

Things That Never Fail to Make Me Laugh

  • Remembering being chased by that wolf
  • Imagining people I know doing Ballet or wearing UPS outfits
  • Remembering that one day Kyle Berg was emo for a class assignment
  • The fact that my Mom was just teaching my Dad how to digiscrap. heh
  • Us being crazy about that silly concert
  • When I remember that one random kid in high school that ran everywhere he went.
  • People falling or tripping. Sometimes it so hard for me to check if they are ok first.
  • Jordan’s Star Profile
  • That hilarious picture of Sarah jumping in the air. Oh man! That one never gets old. If we ever make Sarah a star profile we should definitely make that her spotlight photo.
  • Remembering that one time when I was jumping on Jokkar bareback, and I accidently fell off the other side and landed on my head.
  • The Fake Hannah Montanna

P.S. Excellent idea Aliese!

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Oooh, Gift Baskets!

While my job is really boring and they apparently don’t even know how to spell my name (Saidie?) they do give an awesome Christmas basket. Gourmet popcorn (I gave this to Sarah), Gourmet Chocolate dipped pretzels (Delicious), Some fancy food stuff that I probably won’t eat, The Trans Siberian Orchestra CD (yeah I don’t really care about this so I gave it to my Mom), and a $25 gift card to Target. So I guess really just the last part is awesome, but it is truly awesome! Gift cards are great because they are like an excellent excuse to waste money. You can’t save it. You can’t put it in the bank, and you aren’t actually spending anything. So it’s like begging to be wasted, and if we are good at anything we are good at wasting money at Target. I love Target (we both do, we spend a lot of time there for some reason).

Gift baskets remind me of Pocahontas.

Wiggins: Do you think we’ll meet some savages?
Governor Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
Wiggens: Ooh, gift baskets!

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Guess what, we are not alone! Today I was purchasing my BONUS JONAS (!!!!!) on amazon and I was reading the reviews and some 18 year old gave it 5 stars.

All I have to say is wow! I am a HUGE JB fan and this completed my JB
collection..for now anyway. The second I got it, the 2 new songs went
straight onto my ipod and the dvd went into my DVD player. I LOVE the music
videos especially S.O.S and the concert was sooo good! These boys are one of
the most talented groups to come up in a long time. There music is upbeat
and inspirational. They combine positive messages with guitar and drums and
do it beautifully. Nick’s voice is just off the charts and Kevin’s guitar
talent is in more then I can put into words. Joe’s energy on stage will keep
you jumping and wanting more. Coming from an 18 year old, you need to BUY
this! believe me, you won’t regret it!

Some of my Favorites:
Little boy to mail woman: FedEx is better than you!

Man, slamming on hood of taxi inching forward: Hey! I’m walkin’ here! [Turns to people behind him] Where’s that from?Lady passerby: Midnight Cowboy!

Pharmacist: You should probably re-sign your card.
Woman: Why?
Pharmacist: Well, you signed over the magnetic strip. You’re supposed to sign over the white part down here.
Woman: Then how would the machine read my signature? That doesn’t make any sense.
Pharmacist: No, it’s a magnetic strip. It reads the information, not the signature.
Woman: I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. That’s not how the machines work. You’re a pharmacist, not an electrician.

Guilty Pleasure: Jonas Brothers (What else?!)

P.S. Happy day before weekend day! YAHOO!

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Well today was pretty eventful. Wicked is pretty good as long as you are judging by Lagoon standards. And I saw some really great stuff like a man that REALLY did look like George Clooney.

Also I was just walking by, and I saw this guy sleeping on a bench, and I was like what the heck? I mean he can’t be a bum it’s not like Lagoon is a cheap place to be. Apparently he was just a little tired so he was like oh perfect a bench in a crowded amusement park!

So this is why I asked you if Chantelle was still alive. Apparently she’s been dead for a while. At least that is her name tag. We did not even get invited to the funeral. What the heck!
Apparently Huckle is really lucky, because not only did he find this beautiful pink bat, he also found one of those giant stuffed snakes, and a quarter. The snakes name is “The Snake” but you have to say it a certain way or it just doesn’t work.
Also when you are at a large public place you can overhear some pretty hilarious things.

I want to go on WICKED!
Teen Girl: Your not tall enough.
Kid: What about Piranha?
Teen Girl: I don’t know what that is
Teen Girl: I thought Piranhas were fish.
Kid: Pf! No!

Random creepy punk girl: Me and my friend take showers together all the time! Like save the planet you know? I mean like it’s not enough that we already are wasting water for a shower when people need it to drink and stuff.

Lincoln: Hey! Look I found a quarter!
Huckle: AWESOME! You could feed the ducks.
Lincoln: Who cares about ducks? I’m throwing it in the lake!

Further Proof I Should Never Seek to be a Ballerina: So we are waiting in line for the Haunted House, and while we are waiting we decide to just go through the totally lame outdoor one that you just walk through. It’s for like 10 year olds. Like seriously lame. So anyways we go in there, and there is this creepy wolf guy in there, and Madelyn is way freaked out by him so he is just following us everywhere. She’s like seriously clinging on to me like crazy, and he keeps getting right up to my face so finally I’m like, “Ok Madelyn, we can see the ending so lets just run.” So I start to run, and of course the guy starts chasing us, and then when we are like right at the exit he accidentally trips me, and I just totally SLAM down on the cement. Like way hard! And then he trips on me and falls so it’s like this heap of Wolfman and me. And in front of a ton of people too, because we were right at the exit, and there is just this like collective gasp, and then I’m up in like a split second. Seriously I got up so fast, and then I just start walking away, before the kid has even started to get up. And before anyone even had time to say anything to me. It must have looked hilarious. Some old girl comes running out of the pre-teen spook ally like a maniac and then just totally falls on her face. Yeah that would be me. And I now have a really cool purple bruise on my whole right cheek, one on my hip bone, and a huge one on my knee. Awesome I know.

Update: The Wolfman was seen exiting the park on crutches. Whoops… Just call me Sadie the Werewolf Slayer from now on….

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