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The Mysterious 5th Room Mate


That is a great (extremly blurry) photo of some cat shampoo we found on our kitchen counter. When we took out the garbage yesterday we saw some little cans of cat food. We are pretty sure we have a stow away room mate. The idea was slightly coumpouned when our room mate innocently asked us, “So uh… just wondering…. are either of you allergic to cats?”

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I just thought there were some things you should know about us. You know, because we’ve never met.

  • We like really wierd music, and you will have to listen to it if you are in our room or ride in our cars
  • By ourselves we aren’t cocky, but together we think we are pretty awesome
  • We are totally indisisive,  but if you boss us around your going down
  • If you are overly dramatic we will be annoyed and will ignore you. Probably
  • We will have entire conversations you wont understand, probably consisting of, “Remember  that one time?” “Yes! And then..” “Yeah!”

Now, some requests…

I would like one of you to be a serious music purist. Because you will be listening to all those classic bands and we will be listening to Jonas Brothers. I would also enjoy it if you perhaps talked about your contempt for music we like before you know we like it.

I want at least one fo you to be going to BYU so that when we go all UVU obsessed you just htink its wierd. Even better if all of you are from BYU

I would like One of you to live out of state, somewhere cool, So we can road trip to visit you.

Thats all. Have a lovely day.

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Another Late night

I don’t really know why I stay up so late… we watched a movie called unbreakable. Idk if you have ever seen it but it is really weird and I don’t recommend it. In fact I would probably say that I hated it. hmmmm. Right now I am like one of those nerdy computer kids… I am sitting at my desk at nearly one o’clock in the morning editing sound files for ringtones. I am pretty sure I am the lamest kid ever. But everyone else is asleep and I am really bored. And not that tired. I took a really long nap today. huuu I should not have volunteered for the howl my friend I really feel like coming home. Mari and Steve made dinner today and that was good times, also Chantelle brought her grandma over, I guess they were in Idaho or something I don’t really know. Faith says her mom can be really intimidating sometimes. This is a statement I agree with. I had to hide a package that Chantelle got so her mom wouldn’t see it which I think is pretty humorous. Ok sorry this is a really boring post. But I thought I should post something today and so I did

Obsession: Big Casino L.K.F.: I like the taste of those square batteries when you put them on your toung

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In apartment B11 we are really cool…we have a few made up words, we are considering making a dictionary

Alcalized- Having alcohol in it
example- isn’t wassail alcalized?
Pronunciation- Al Ka Lie zd

that one is mine. the next two are Faiths

Persuint-pursuing and persistent combined and make
Example- “Kelli boys who want to date you will have to be very persuint”
Pronunciation- Per Sue int
actually pursuant is a word but it means agreeing with something and I like this better

Genuity- the personality trait of being genuine
Example- “she Lacks genuity”
Pronunciation- Gen oo it ee

Cool stuff we do:


  • Since they ceased to invite us to FHE whenever they have it we jump around our apartment
  • we watch out our window at night with all the lights off and yell to the people in the parking lot

I realize this seems quite boring but a lot of things are entertaining at midnight
Guilty pleasure- the YouTube videos of the JB I have Seen a ridiculous amount of them. 5 days!! Woooo HOOOOOO *dances*

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In case I didn’t tell you or you forgot or somthing mari is the engaged roommate. and today I was just thinking and I decided to make a list of some of the more horrifying times I have had concerning her and Steve the fiance.

Just today I walked in and they were like laying in the halway to the kitchen so I had to like step over them. and of course they dont think there is anything awkward about them laying on eachother so they will jsut talk to you like its normal. but really its wierd.

Last night they were wrestling in the living room. it was a little wierd and it was like hard core wrestleing and then he was like tickling her and its just wierd.

When my mom came up they were like sprawled all over the couch. like its bad that I haveto see it but just that much worse that my mom does too.

Last night she was giving him a back massage at the dinner table.. I dont like to watch people give massages:D like really. who does? Also i dont like it when they sit at the kitchen table and gaze into each others eyes and rub the upper arm *shudders*

The awful time when they thought it was a good idea to go makeout in the parking lot. AHHH by my car! NO!!!

This doesnt have anything to do with mari but whenver steve comes over and i answer the door he just says “what up?” like really. i think he should just say hey or somthing. but no unfailingly its just “what up”

now thats done and done. I have noticed a disturbing trend. we have failed to remember our guilty pleasure fo the day the last couple of posts. I forgot first so its mostly my fault but still.

Guilty pleasure of the day: Party with us by Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers

P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8XdhtLM_pU watch from 1:20 on… to see the kuch kuch hota hai move

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Apparently I am so bored right now that my mind is moving like 30 miles a minute and I am typing s fast that things have gone really bad so far and I have had to correct a lot of stuff already and ways so I thought maybe since you were here you would like a little peek into my Logan state of mind

  • Why do people comment bands pictures on MySpace? It’s not like they really care. Honestly.
  • People fighting on you tube is really stupid. like its funny to read but its not like you should really care
  • Another YouTube thought. Why do people watch stuff they hate? And why comment it. you tube makes me loose faith in the human race I think
  • What makes boys think its ok to walk around in tank tops I just don’t get it?
  • laptop key boards are not as easy to use as normal keyboards
  • You would really think that all the stupid people would have been weeded out before college people in my English class prove to me this is not the case. rats
  • The Jonas brothers are coming to Utah October 27. hehe funny we should go :D:D:D jk
  • I like it when people where those shirts that say things like save the whales its humorous
  • Today I spelled thesaurus without even thinking about it. It made me feel smart. even Chantelle was impressed haha
  • Chantelle is going to write a book with words of the day…. today’s word is deplorable
  • I don’t really want to go to class today I have to go listen to my confusing Japanese math teacher. AHHH save me
  • Why to colleges think it’s a good idea to have people who don’t speak English teach a bunch of English kids beginner math I just don’t understand.

Well I hope that wasn’t so boring…. it made me less bored… awesome

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