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Cause After Today

Our brains will be snoozing :D

We packed up today.
Ssee ya later school, HELLO SUMMER!!

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So There’s This Guy….

And I a little bit want to punch him in the face…
Not that it would matter cause he’s already real ugly


And dead incidentally.

But I really hate this guy. And the dudes name is Avogadro… its practically like he’s BEGGING to get punched. And he invented this number called 6.03×10 to the 23rd and it sucks.

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College is just wierd

I’m sitting in class right now and I really want to know… do other kids think this is as stupid as I do? because right now my Philosophy teacher is talking about leaderless organizations. Yeah my teacher is an ANARCHIST! haha anyways everyone else looks totally fascinated and I want to know if they are just good actors or if they actually care?

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Day maker

SO even though our school is all connected and you can always be inside there is an awful lot of people who skateboard and long board. anyways there is like this ramp hallway connecting the liberal arts building and the library with these little places to sit set into the walls so I am just sitting here when right in front of me this kid who is long boarding’s Friend puts hit foot in front of his friends board so the long border goes flying off and like rolls across the hallway. It was probably the highlight of my day thus far.

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I’m sitting in the Library on the first floor where all the computers are. Kelli is on the school computer working on some on-line math homework, and I just noticed that most of the computers were not be utilized for school work.

Things People Use the Library Computers For:

  • World of Warcraft- This is probably my favorite. I guess I don’t really know anything about WOW but don’t you have to like download it on to that computer or something? Are kids downloading it to school computers? I don’t really know but if they are it’s hilarious.
  • Myspace
  • Facebook (I would venture to say at least 80% of the library computers are logged on to facebook at any given time.)
  • Blogging (this I have done before at my old school before I had a laptop)
  • Watching wrestling on youtube
  • Catching up on sports
  • Online t-shirt shopping

Something tells me that the administrators had different uses in mind when the put all these computers in. Oh well.

P.S. Almost Mustache Boyfriend brought our room mate roses today. I think that might buy him an extra 3 days.

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  • This boy in my Biology class totally looks like Syler. You know the serial killer from Heroes? It probably is him. I better watch my back.
  • I heard Jennifer Anniston is back with John Mayer. I seriously can’t stand John Mayer. One time I told my Mom if I could erase two people from the planet today I would probably choose Osma Bin Laden and John Mayer. She did not think it was funny.
  • If you ever want to see the worst acting in the world you should probably watch Saddle Club like me and Kelli did today. It might be the most entertaining thing we do all day.
  • I couldn’t focus in Bio today AT ALL because #1 I was sitting two seats away from Syler (potential killer) #2 We were talking about boring things I already know and #3 I was wondering about cancer and how they could cure it, and then when I got really bored I memorized part of the Human DNA sequence from project Genome. It was in my biology book, and I was SERIOUSLY bored.  Apparently I get sidetracked easy, and should not be left to my own devices to entertain myself as that was possibly the least entertaining thing I could have possibly chosen to do.
  • Tomorrow is FALL BREAK!!! YEAH! That means NO school for 2 whole days!!! WHOO! Freedom! Sort of. You know if two days can count as freedom.
  • Tomorrow we have cleaning checks in our Apartment. I don’t want to clean. Cleaning is boring. Luckily me and Kelli picked jobs last and our room mates must be really nice, because we got the easiest ones. Score!

P.S. We are way into Owl City right now. They are amazing!

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Movie Day

So today in my Bio class we had a movie day. Which everyone is totally down with. Our professor is on some field trip. So here I am sitting in class watching a movie on Dinosaurs. “Allosaurus: Walking With Dinosaurs” to be exact. At first I couldn’t really figure out why we were watching a movie on Dinos. It doesn’t really relate to what we are talking about in class right now at all so I wasn’t really sure the point of the movie until….. I found out that apparently my Professor is IN the movie.

***Update: as an added bonus you can actually watch this movie in the instant movies on Netflix.***

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We have a history class together, and I think it might be my favorite class. The Professor is crazy. Really. She’s a hard core feminist who really wants girls to be added to the draft. She is constantly reminding us that she was a cheerleader. No one is surprised. She yells everything she says with a bark like quality. There are a lot of kids that really try hard to be on her good side. I don’t think any of them with succeed, and it is just hilarious. Plus we’ve made friends with this girl named Kathrine who went to our high school although we didn’t know her back then. She is totally hilarious. Anyways in our class we are starting group projects. We can’t wait. Our group is really interesting.  It has a great variety of people.

  • Us+Kathrine=The Jeebs. Don’t know where the name came from. Kathrine. Kathrine’s mind is where it came from.
  • Group Spirit Boy- This boy is stoked about our group. “Group 2 rocks!” “Yeah! Group 2 is the ultimate group!” What a force of unity.
  • Boy Kelli that hates- He sits next to me and makes a lot of comments usually designed to make him look like a genius but usually having the opposing affect.
  • Boy who sounds like a girl- A LOT. It’s quite shocking really. You have to do a double take every time he opens his mouth.
  • Classic Group Slacker Boy- Comes to group, and asks if it’s “the smart people group”, because he wants to be in group of smart people. I’m sure he will be a great contributor.
  • Chicklets- Girl who Kathrine says has chicklet teeth. Don’t know what this means.

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I found him while browsing other people with unprotected Itunes library’s on the schools networks. I love that about college. but it makes me wonder how easy I could hack into theses peoples computers, or how easy they could get into mine. freaky. anyways I was perusing his library, he likes the classics, Beatles, Areosmith, The Eagles, U2 ect. Oh and the Mo tab. And Hannah Montana. Cute.

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Here at UVU you will see a variety of different people.  The best place to look would definitley be the Libral Arts Building. Here is a list of interesting people we have seen so far.

  • Ballerina Boy- Owner of fabulous green fishnets and quite the peformer.
  • Sk8er Boi- The boy who rides his skateboard down the halls of the libral arts building.
  • The Dancers- There are two groups. We don’t know what it is that seperates them. Maybe they do different types of dance, maybe they hate eachother. We just don’t know, but…. We demand a DANCE OFF!
  • The old people on campus- They are usually like 30 or something but try WAY hard to look and talk like they are still 19.  Often have rolling backpacks.
  • The reunioners- People that have very loud reunions with almost everyone pretty much everywere. “WHOA! Where you’ve been? I haven’t seen you forEVER! Oh my gosh.”
  • The barefoot kids- there are like 3 of these. They just walk around campus with no shoes all the time. Like they just don’t have shoes. Ever. It’s a little weird.
  • People here always have weird clothes. You know college is about expressing yourself, and that is well understood here at UVU. If you want to stand out it’s a good idea to have one or more of these items (the more the merrier!) extremly large jewlrey, a fadora or other “artistic” looking hat, a scarf, black rimmed glasses (for the studius look), or a t-shirt saying something about the enviornment, a band, or your political party.

P.S. you should know… this is the 300th (!!!) post WHOO!

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