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Summer’s all about fresh starts. So we just need to get a few things off our chests. Whoa. Deep breaths.


  • I purposely left time on the microwave because it bothered my OCD roommate, and after she cleared it I would always go put more time back on.
  • Whenever I found bugs in my room I always threw them in above mentioned roommate’s room.
  • Occasionally I put soap on my brothers toothbrush when he makes me mad.


  • I hate gum. I know, I know, everybody loves gum. Not me.
  • I still avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.
  • I used to read my little sister’s diary…. a lot actually…. but she knows, and I stopped…


  • There is a strict exchange rate for our secrets. Like we only tell each other secrets if we can get equally good one from the other person.
  • If perhaps you were parked at the Walmart nearest to us last summer and walked out to see “Just Married” written on your car… yeah that was probably us.
  • We may have looked up Chasing Zoey on youtube, because we really just wanted to know what happened. But really that doesn’t explain why we watched it twice.
  • So maybe our giant iTunes libraries didn’t really all come from the iTunes store.
  • We just might own every Saddle Club DVD available in the U.S.
  • Ummm maybe once we went to a Jonas Brother concert, and we might have screamed like fan girls, and talked about it way too much afterwards….. yeah we know….

The Concert

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