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  • I ate 7 cinnamon rolls yesterday. Yep 7
  • I sold all my text books from last semester for more then I bought them for today
  • I cannot abide girls in books who have abusive boyfriends.
  • I recently decided that not only am I a shop aholic I really like having things come in the mail for me so I like to buy off the internet
  • Filling out camp applications is pain in the side… but if we get in it will be so worth it. but if I have to write one more essay about how awesome I am I might tear out my hair
  • The hunt for a good singles ward continues…
  • The song lessons learned really makes me miss not living at home, and makes me want just a bunch of cool crazy room mates

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AND I use that title EVERY YEAR. woooo. but cause I’m bored and have no actual funding I am making this list of things I want that I will never buy either for the price or because it’s like a joke so it would be a waste of money. So if you’re a millionaire or want to waste money on me here is a really good list for you.

1. True religions. These jeans = BEST JEANS EVER. I don’t get the designer hand bags or the juicy couture track suits but I GET designer jeans. I’ve borrowed a pair a couple of times and I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. Cost: upwards of $250

2. Macbook. in white. These computer are fun, and they look cool and yeah I’m a little shallow right now sorry. but also my computer sucks and I need a new one with a working screen. cost: Like $1000

3. Naluwaver. Seriously cool guys. I’m sure i would fry my fingers using it and probably wouldn’t get the same results but I think the idea is BRILLIANT. cost: $175

4. XM radio. Guys I hate normal radio now.  my cousins car has XM and it is RAD. cost: I’m to lazy to look it up

5. Samsung dual view camera. SO cool. and convenient if you’re the sort who never want to ask other people to take photos of you and your friends

6. Net flix 1 year 2 dvd subscription. There are lots of Movies and TV seasons I want to watch that I don’t feel like renting from block buster. **ASIDE* it cost $10 to rent a wii game from blockbuster. I’m boycotting*

7.BAND TEES. guy’s I’ve been banned from them down here cause my cousin says they make me look like a boy but I LOVE them and I want a ton of them.

8. A kindle. I’m pretty sure this is one of those things I would buy and then not use but every time I see someone with one I really want one

9. :D J/K alright so really I couldn’t think of any other random expensive stuff that wasn’t like cars or vacations :)

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True Love is Shoe Love.

And actually I get little to no enjoyment shopping for shoes. which goes on the pro list of Arizona. I can wear flip flops year round. but really I have one pair of canvas shoes I wear and one pair of skate shoes that I wear… Not really a shoes girl. Clothes girl YES. Shoe girl. Meh. this weekend I did invest in a pair of boots but I don’t really know how to wear them. I just know they look cool when other people wear them… So aside from flip flops thats like 3 regular pairs of shoes. I don’t do flats, or wear heels any day but sunday…. And normally I like just low key shoes. but guys. I WANT THESE. and I don’t even know if I would have the guts to wear them but I think they’re rad.

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Stuff this World Could Stand to be Without:

  • Finals
  • Group projects
  • Rappers
  • People who don’t believe in Dinosaurs
  • Jazz player injuries
  • People who decide they do not want to attend Anberlin concerts with me.

Things There Should be More of:

  • Artists/Bands who give away their music free and make it public domain
  • Teachers who have you write a paper instead of take a final or better yet don’t have a final at all.
  • Christmas lights! I almost think they should be mandatory even if you don’t like Christmas.  Also I wish we kept them up all year long.
  • Jazz wins like last night
  • Breaks off school
  • Ideas of what gifts I should get people this year. Namely my parents and younger brother.
  • People who like going to Blockbuster for me since I hate going there.

P.S. Kelli…. I GOT YOUR PRESENT TODAY!!! I am so excited! You are so hard to shop for I hope you know.  Also I am going to try REALLY hard not to give it to you early or tell you what it is. No promises. I love Christmas.

P.P.S. Oh yeah earliar I was listening to “Love Lockdown” and Jordan would not believe me that it was Kanye West. haha Man I hate Kanye, but that song is pretty great.

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Monday: Here is someone we saw sleeping in the hallway at school Monday morning. They had a blanket over their face so I’m pretty sure they don’t know we took a picture.

Storm Trooper

Monday: We went on a little grocery shopping spree at the local Walmart and saw this awesome lego thing. It seemed very picture worthy.


Monday: We have a deep belief in not using carts.

Photo Wall

Tuesday: There was a big room mate discussion about how boring our apartment is and how we could really use some pictures so me, Kelli, the vegan, and the vegitarian went to the D.I. (local thrift store) and pretty much cleaned out their art section. Some All of them are really ugly.

Cleaning Check

Wednesday: We TOTALLY forgot all about Cleaning Checks this day, and so we realised while we were at a movie that they were supposed to be coming like right then so we rushed home. This is our room before cleaning check.


Wednesday: Here is our room after cleaning checks, and we passed. Yeah… apparently cleaning checks at this apartment are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thursday was either really boring or we forgot to take pictures that day. Could easily be both. I don’t remember anything about Thursday to tell you the truth.

Movie Tickets

Friday: We went to see Bolt (not Twilight) and it was GREAT! We really liked it. Anyways while looking through my purse I realized how much money I waste on movies, and yeah some of those tickets are a little embarrasing.  But seriously add that up!

Me and Kelli

Us RIGHT NOW! This very minute. Ok no, like 5 minutes a go, and I sort of look like a chipmonk, but chipmonks can be fun.

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Snow ≠ Christmas

It snowed *sigh* Actually I like the snow… so axe the sigh, but it is cold which I am not a huge fan of. But this snow reminded me of a very important misconception people have. Snow=Christmas… FALSE. Christmas does not begin till December. Or at the very earliest the day after Thanksgiving shopping day. I can almost here people calling me a scrooge. don’t get me wrong  I LOVE christmas. I love trees, I love fires, I love way to much delicous food I love presents (who doesnt?), I love large socks pinned to fireplaces. Also shockingly I REALLY like Christmas shopping. The hustle and crowds are enjoyable for me, Day after Thanksgiving sales are a party. However I would like to kick all the stores that had their Christmas decorations up before Halloween in the shins. Also the radio stations who only play christmas music. Boring. I mean, yeah christmas music is great barring a few*cough*Christmas shoes*cough*. But lets not get sick of it till after Christmas. Whats up with Thanksgiving being the forgotten child of the holiday parents mashed between two holidays that are every childs favorite? poor old thing.

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19… I’m 19. How often do I mess up this simple fact? Frequently. Most recently while talking to some phone guy at the mall.
“So how old are you?”
“17… WAIT! No! I’m 19”
“What?! Are you serious how do you mess that up?” *extreme laughter from all the cell phone sales people*”Well anyways I’d like to offer you a job.”
*awkward laugh from me*”Um I don’t live here” *swiftly walks away*

Who wants to hire some girl who can’t remember her own age?

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DOMA! A creepy little stuffed animal (?) we bought at Target today (no worries he was only 1 dollar can you believe this puppy was on clearance?!?) Anyways according to the little story in his tag he is a mysterious creature hatched from an egg and upon closer inspection we see his monster-like qualities conceal a gentle soul with a body of pure fluff. Whatever. Here is his photo shoot.

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So it’s the last week of summer and in order to maximize the last fading rays of sunshine and freetime we decieded to come up with a schedule of things we wanted to do this week.

Projected Schedule:
Monday- Work, Practice Smashbros, Ride horses,
Tuesday- College Supply shopping trip, Ride horses,
Wednesday- Pool Day, Ride horses, movie night
Thursday- River Run and ride horses
Friday- Shopping, squeeze in some smashbros practice (we want to win the championship against an arrogant boy) Party @ 7.
Saturday- Pack stuff, Ride horses, last minute shopping, Official end of summer snow cone run.

Actual Schedule
Monday- Work, Shop, Sit around, Made bulletin boards for our new room.
Tuesday- Ride horses, nothing
Wednesday- Almost go to the pool… but then Sadie falls asleep after taking pain meds and best sunlight hours are lost. Next… going to a B-day party causing us to miss Olympics and horseback riding and forcing us to buy a gift.
Thursday- We’ll let you know (Party moved up to today instead of Friday)
Friday- Sadie picks up an extra shift at work….
Saturday- Probably everything but the packing.

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Ok so this isn’t actually about bubble gum. I hate bubble gum. It tastes bad. But I love normal Gum. I chew usually at least three pieces a day.  Or more depending on the flavor and day. So last week I restocked on gum I always have Orbit sweet mint and trident the orange kind I think it is like tropical fruit or something. At any rate its delicious. Anyways, So I got some new gum the other day because I had ran out. SO I picked out the usual and then I was looking at the gum rack and saw the stride gum. I really like how stride gum opens and I enjoy the commercial about how no one has stopped chewing their original piece of stride gum. SO I looked at it and decided to pick up the berry kind and the Cinnamon kind. Both great choices. As it turns out stride gives you some awesome Ideas for what you can do while waiting for the flavor to leave your gum.

Things to do-

  • Cruise down rout 66 on a unicycle ( that sounds crappy)
  • Learn telepathy (Already Got it)
  • Find a Buried treasure by digging at random (That would be awesome)
  • Build a boat (… Riiiiggghhht)
  • Move up the ranks of Professional Mud Wrestling (Is that actually a profession?)
  • Hop scotch Across the golden gate bridge (Probably Illegal)
  • Rebut theory of relativity (no thanks)
  • Become a competitive Ballroom dancer ( I dont dance)
  • Rhine stone your Entire wardrobe (Not that that would be tacky or anything…)
  • Break a world record (I’ll set to work on that)

Stride is my new gum of choice I think… I mean its clever… And the flavor actually does last really long…

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