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 A Day at the Races
Ok so I just got back from the race. It actually wasn’t too bad. It was the 400 m relay so I only had to run 100m which was super easy. They let me choose which leg I ran so I choose 3rd because the crowd is mostly at the beginning and end of the race, but then when Maddie and I went over to that side of the field all the students just moved over there with us so apparnently it didn’t really matter which one I ran. I’m not sure who won as the winners were announced in Chinese, but I know my team was in 2nd when I passed the baton so atleast I didn’t totally embarrass myself. And even though I didn’t hear the results I’m pretty sure the team with the lunch ladies lost. It wasn’t really fair to have them run anyways. The gym teacher’s team won the boys race, but luckily there’s only one girl gym teacher so I didn’t have to race the P.E. department. Pays to be a girl.  I’m a little sad sports week is going to be over after today. I mean no classes, sports, and fireworks…. things don’t get better than that.
P.S. Zackapalooza still waiting on the picture of your snuggie. It’s cheetah print isn’t it

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So Jazz game starting any minute now. And although it isn’t Sadie’s 4th row seats, by some lucky stroke we managed to acquire the TV to watch the game. This rarely happens, the basketball gods are smiling down on us. I recommend going to SLC dunk and reading the game thread because it is really enjoyable… Danielle and Moni are in love… read it and see for yourself. http://www.slcdunk.com/2009/3/24/809558/houston-rockets-utah-jazz#comments also I very much enjoy that people from the dream shake are over talking smack:D  I joined SLC Dunks group for the NCAA bracket and am getting totally thrashed and I like to think that they were mildly confused… Some times I feel like we should join and start commenting so that Danielle wouldn’t be the only girl… actually I guess there could be another one with a name that makes it tricky to tell. Anyways here are a few things to be noted.
Ron artest has horrendous facial hair.

ugly beardbut once upon a time had this…. wierd
Scola has the worst hair ever… whats with the head band??
Kyle Korvers new haircut makes him look like a small child… but I can’t find a picture
Shane Battier has wierd head wrinkles…
Yao Ming has got shouldered by millsap like 10 times, that is delightful
The difference between Yao ming and brooks is hilarious Yao’s calf is the size of Brooks head
hey look a midget. ...wait...
I think Jerry is one of the unhappiest men on earth
Ronnie Brewer is AWESOME… If I wasn’t in love with Ronnie Price…. haha
And a question for Jerry Sloan… WHY WON’T YOU PLAY RONNIE PRICE?!

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Because I was real bored last night at 2:00, I filled out a bracket. Mine is a mascot to mascot theory, except the tar-heels who I actually do think will win. But their mascot is only a ram and that wouldn’t stand up to great against the tigers they have to face… inconvenient for my strategy really… I even went so far as to research who would win if a bear and a wild cat fought… the wild cat would win. Weird right?? but I looked it up on you tube and the bear totally ran away.  And check it out the scientific name for a Brown bear is Ursus arctos horribilis I like that horribilis is very much like horrible and will believe that whoever named it scientifically, hated bears. Anyways here is my bracket…

Mascot to mascot

you’ll have to get about 3 inches from your computer screen but thats just how it is I Guess. I can’t figure out a better way…. WordPress is such a jerk…

Also… Me and Barack picked the same winner… but our brackets are very different. He has strategy. I don’t

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I’m not way into football so when the Superbowl comes around I figure I have 4 options.

Option 1: Cheer for the team with the best colors and/or mascot
Option 2: Cheer for which ever team happens to be winning at the time. Even if this means switching teams several times.
Option 3: If someone you are watching the game with has a strong attachment to one of the teams it’s always fun to cheer for the opposite side.
Option 4: Pay no attention at all.

This year I went for Option 1 and cheered for the Cardinals which turned out to be a mistake.

Other Thoughts:

  • The commercials were pretty disappointing this year. Although I did think the doritios one was sort of funny where every time he ate a chip something good happened, but when he ran out he got hit by a bus.
  • Bruce Springsteen is old.
  • If they insist on always inviting way old people I would like to submit Bon Jovi.

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Every So Often

I get the desire to be famous. Till I watch the Olympians who just lost be forced to talk to reporters about what went wrong. Or observe crazy freaky fans. And then I decide probably even the money isn’t worth all that obnoxious-ness.

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I love the Olympics… like a lot. I have been known to run home from my friends house if it means I might miss a speed skating race from my favorite Olympian, and I follow the medal count like my life depends on it. So I’m pretty excited about it being the Olympics this year. Here are my favorite things.

  • The U.S. basketball team since 2 Jazz players are on it, and yesterday the game against China… yeah we dominated. Go Redeem Team!
  • Last night the French swim team were talking smack on the U.S. Team before the relay and it totally looked they would win but then Lezak is amazing and we win by 8 one hundredths of a second. Ouch.
  • The commercials of Olympians with McDonald’s sandwiches. No way in the world they actually eat McDonald’s. Especially not the track stars and gymnasts they have on it.
  • I miss Paul Hamm though. He would totally win the award for “voice that really shouldn’t be coming out of that body” It was hilarious every time he opened his mouth.
  • The fact that apparently in China people actually like Kobe Bryant. Who knew?

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I tried to find a better picture for a while. There are just not many pictures out there… I don’t know for sure, but I think I can guess why…


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