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  • When the opportunity arises to go see both Relient K and Owl City in concert, take it.
  • Road Trips are ALWAYS worth it. Even when they are totally spur of the moment, and you haven’t planned any of it.
  • Enrique Iglesias is obviously awesome
  • If you are babysitting and the kids want to watch cartoons Danny Phantom is far more preferable than Johnny Test.
  • Traveling to a Foreign Country requires a lot of phone time. Seriously. I’ve spent the last three days on the phone, and I hate to talk on the phone.
  • When it comes to packing I am a huge procrastinator. I hate packing.
  • Don’t keep your camera and iPod in a beach bag with a can of spray of sunscreen. You never know when it will just explode and ruin your prized possessions.
  • When playing Fugitive look where you run. Otherwise you might just run off a small cliff and somersault onto someone’s driveway and break your wrist.
  • It’s really hard to type with your right hand in a cast.
  • Get a black cast. It shows less dirt.
  • I can NOT make scrambled eggs. The last batch I made caused someone to throw up. Seriously.
  • Sleeping on the Beach in California is definitely a good time.

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Last weekend was easily the best weekend of my life. Long live the spontaneous road trip. Friday I went to Six Flags in California, and can I just say that Roller-coasters are quite possibly my favorite thing on the planet. So one of the coolest roller-coasters at the park is Tatsu.

TatsuAnd since I broke my wrist a couple of weeks ago, and I’m currently sporting a bright green cast I’m technically not allowed to ride it. Luckily I have some persistent friends, and the arm rests/hand grips are miraculously the exact same shade of green as my cast. So worth it.

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Ok actually I guess it’s the grand canyon state. But so far I’ve seen alot more cactus then grand canyon. P.S. for those who didn’t know? I’m in Mesa staying with my moms cousin for a while working at her husbands orthodontist office… working is a loose term, perhaps standing around wishing I could do stuff would be better. So far I have learned…

120 degrees? Completely possible. I thought I knew hot before, turns out I never even met the guy
sometimes you can be so hot that getting in the pool just makes you feel gross
Little boys can actually be terrorists and when working together can actually tie you to a chair
Saying “Nice to meet you”  to someone you’ve never seen in your life just isn’t good enough for some people, the may prefer “Wow your teeth are really crooked Kelli, we’ll have to get braces on you right away”
Mesa Arizona is sortof like a little annex of Utah… complete with tons of 8 kids families and children with BOM names all over the place
My cousins husband thinks I’m a so sheltered or whatever that I can’t even identify a saguaro cactus. WRONG sir my mother is a plant genius and I’m pretty sure even people on the east coast know what those are

:) Also these people have a pet pig… snoop hog I can’t tell you how weird I think that is. and they treat it like a baby and it sleeps in the house, so weird. Anyways I think tomorrow I am going to try to cook an egg on the street just to see if it can really be done, I’ve wanted to try that since I was a little kid.

Also let the hunt for The filthy 5, the worlds worst park commence!

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Happy Forth of July!

Sorry our blog is so neglected, but holidays are important enough to deserve a post I think. So here we are. Hope everyone is having an awesome 4th of July. BBQs, Water fights, legal/illegal explosives…. awwww summertime.

Fourth of July Bandits

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331 miles

215 song on the go iPod playlist

50 dollars in gas

16 games of concentration

12 hours round trip in the carroad trip

4 Passengers riding in the Corrolla

2 bags of salt and vinegar chips

2 of the worst sunburns ever

1 bag of skittles

1 minor  freak out from the back seat

Leaving this:rain

For this:



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Cause After Today

Our brains will be snoozing :D

We packed up today.
Ssee ya later school, HELLO SUMMER!!

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Ok so, Its not actually the last day of summer. We don’t start till Wednesday. But Monday is move in day so we wont be home anymore. I used to be excited to go back to school, and I feel like maybe by Wednesday I will be. But right now, when people ask If Your excited for school to start I can barely muster the smile that goes with “yeah it should be really fun”. Anyways. that makes me sound depressed but I was thinking maybe there should be a list for our Best Moments of summer EVER

  • First comes tubing the river. Tubing the river is fun, pretty much no matter what happens. and people just think you are crazy and it is awesome.
  • Chalking at the hang out. Bringing out the kids hidden not very well in all of us. This includes eating Wendy’s like 4 nights of the week.
  • Late night No bake cookie cravings. I love those cookies…
  • Parade of Homes. Stealing candy, Dancing around in the hallways, singing about dead lambs, being crazy. ahhh good times
  • White water rafting on the Snake. Its freezing, Its AWESOME
  • Horseback riding. This Includes Horse club trail rides and shows. Horse club was the best of times
  • Bear Lake. Its just the greatest place, what more can be said
  • The random Nintendo phases Sadie’s house goes through and Everyone gets sucked in. Wave race, Mario Party, DDR, Smash bros. the cycle is never ending.
  • Going to the pool, even though we don’t really do anything
  • Midnight movie showings with the old gang. Huuu I sure do miss all those kids.
  • Sarah’s friends coming over and us acting like crazy people. Dressing up, Scaring them, running through the house doing whatever, getting super competitive.
  • Game nights. I love game nights.

Obviously Its pretty difficult to accept that in a few short years summer with nothing to do will be a thing of the past for me. NOOOO maybe I’ll be a teacher after all.

P.S. obviously we are both feeling pretty nostalic, I didn’t realize that you just posted about all the horse memories:D

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