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Rollin’ in an Escalade

I wish all local law enforcement was this funny.


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Ok, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. I have tears streaking down my face. OH MAN! So Carson called my Dad last night because he wanted to ask Sarah to the dance while we were at church today. Sarah ended up getting a headache and having to stay home from church. So we are coming home from church, and we see two police men walking up our driveway and two police cars parked on the curb. Immediately I knew exactly what happened, and just started laughing wildly. They probably thought I was a maniac. But oh man! It’s just too funny! So I guess Sarah’s in her room trying to sleep away the headache, and she heard them setting up on the porch, and they weren’t exactly trying to be quiet thinking no one was home, and at the same time she can hear Jordan walking around downstairs, and she didn’t know he had stayed home from church. So she is like freaking out and she called 911 to report that someone was breaking in to our house. So then the police like knock on the door “This is the Police,” and then they see Jordan dressed in his pajamas…. Oh wait. You live here? Oh. Right…… The best part is that I totally called it when my Mom said Sarah was staying home. Oh man! CLASSIC! And we thought the bears was good. Obviously we had no idea.

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