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April Fools day is a great holiday mostly because it’s fairly pointless and gives you permission to pull pranks on people with impunity. Also apparently in the past it has caused some problems when actual news stories are released on April 1st and people don’t believe them, because they think it’s just a joke. Some pranks we noticed around the web…

  • Youtube has it set up so if you click on a video on your home page (recommendations, featured videos, subscriptions etc) both the video and the text load upside down.
  • Google put up some weird thing called CADIE. Which reccomends you to weird sites and places on google maps. If you google image search CADIE reccomends some of her fave search terms including LOLcats, Rainbows,  Bunnies, and Unicorns.
  • Also on Google if you search “worst band in the world” it will come up with “See results for Creed” which is hilarious. If you go to the languages they’ve added several new ones like “Pigg Latin,” “Hacker,” and “Elmer Fudd.”
  • Gmail added a button called “Gmail Autopilot” which apparently reads and replys emails for you, and even takes into account relationships. Like if someone sends you an aggressive email it will “terminate” that relationship for you.

Obviously more websites should be like Google. Like maybe Wikipedia could fill it’s self with lies! (oh wait)


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Blogs of Note

I was browsing blogger today, decided to have a look at the blogs of note. Apparently the reason we have not been chosen is because we are far, far to much fun. People would be like WHOA! cool crazy people. but luckily blogger would not do that to the world. that’s where this guy comes in. http://pacifistundeadpriest.blogspot.com/ talk about no fun. I mean do lots of people really read his blog? because I read the first post and Almost died of boredom… Also view this gem http://chihuahuacraziness.blogspot.com/ the title obviously shows that its no good, I mean Chihuahuas? ew. they are my least favorite of all dogs. Jordan should start a blog on techno music, or that other war game he plays. Actually both. I bet it would be huge.

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