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And almost all of my winter clothes are at home so I hardly had to pack anything. Also I just found out today I only have on pair of socks and i never really noticed becuase i just wear flip flops everyday.  I’m also trying to clean my room as I pack which is something I never ever do. usually I just make a mess and clean it up after but since i live with my cousin I’m trying to keep it a little clean… her husband hates that i’m a little bit messy… which is fine. but guys… I”M GOING HOME IN LESS THEN 12 HOURS wooo hoo!!! we’ll see if i meet anyone interesting on the plane tomorrow I always manage to be sitting next to the oddest chatty people in planes

also I created this.

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China Town

So I am currently sitting in my apartment in China. I really love it here. The city I live in is AMAZING. And all the kids are so fun I love teaching. Easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Things About China

  • The city I live in is a small one in a poorer province so most people here have never seen an American. Having blonde hair and blue eyes = instant celebrity status. Seriously, people just snap my photo all the time, students always want me to sign their books (not sure why), and I spend half my day waving at everyone who walks by me.
  • Everyone here is REALLY friendly. They always want to impress us too, so they are always giving us things and stuff.
  • Personal space? Not such a big thing here.
  • Also advanced notice…. Apparently in China things just aren’t as scheduled as they are in America. For example… even though the “holiday” is in like 2 weeks they have yet to decide when school will let out for it.
  • Another example of this would be the day Maddie and I started teaching. They totally just handed us our schedule and were like k, go for it! Your classes start now. haha
  • Or the time they just showed up at our apartment at like 7:00 pm and said the headmaster (whom we call Dumbledore in the privacy of our own apartment) would like to interview us. Maddie and I are thinking he wants to ask us about our classes and stuff. Well…. No actually we are just going to be on the news is all. (I think by time I get back I’ll be so go with the flow it’ll be insane).
  • American Chinese food is nothing like actual Chinese food. Well… they still eat rice. They also eat chicken feet….
  • The bathrooms…. You don’t even know….
  • The apples here taste better. Also I have this new favorite fruit that I don’t even think has an english name. It’s awesome though whatever it is.
  • Their technology talks a lot more than ours does.
  • Everything is really cheap here. I’ve got to the point that when I see something that cost 28 RMB and I think it’s too expensive. That’s like $4 in the US…
  • Suddenly I feel pretty tall
  • The illegal movie market is alive and well.
  • I’ve started using a lot more body language to explain myself… this might prove embarrassing when I get back to normal life.
  • I had to get a hacked ISP to get on this blog.

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An Open Letter To Rhett

Dear Rett,

Lets go to the Baja 1000 In November. Deal?

Two Crazy girls

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So basically some guy is really rich or has a sponsor or something and he travels all around the world and this is what he comes back with. Or possibly he is really good at video editing. It’s really long. I don’t think I even watched the whole thing, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. I especially like watching the random dancers in Spain and trying to figure out what exactly what that guy in London is doing. Choking someone? I don’t know. All I’m saying is I totally wish I could dance like I was from South Africa.

P.S. Oh man Kelli this lady is hilarious. http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/

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Our Vlog about our road trip to vegas. Mostly just random moments. And us being way smart


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Well spring break was awesome. Just some things we learned in our travels.

  • Directions are awesome, and sometimes important…. maybe… no….
  • Do not leave your radio on for long periods of time. Apparently car batteries don’t live forever.
  • Billboards seem to be made of plasticy fabric stuff
  • Don’t tell your mom basically all we ate for breakfast was cookies and diet coke with lime everyday.
  • If you want to see the world….
  • Vegas has FREE parking everywhere! It is awesome. Everywhere should be like that… minus the 2nd hand smoke.
  • Dance parties with light up hedgehogs can be awesome.
  • When at an arcade you should take as long as you want picking your prizes. Apparently you can sometimes receive free items as the employees try to get rid of you.

P.S. THANKS ALIESE!!!! You are amazing!

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Games on the Go

Games You Can Play on the Road

  • Slug Bug. Everyone knows what slug bug is however there seem to be a lot of variation on the rules of how many times you actually hit the person once you see that bug.
  • Bingo. I don’t know how many people play this, but basically every time you see a yellow car you hit the ceiling of the car and say Bingo the first one to 5 wins and for some reason buses don’t count.
  • The ABC game. Basically all you do is look at the billboards and signs around you look for the letters in the alphabet (in order) first one to Z wins.
  • The License plate game. We used to love this game. Only we haven’t got to play it forever since for awhile we were banned from it, and then we started driving, and you can’t really play it while your driving unless of course your car has really good crash test ratings. But basically you hit the person next to you as hard as you can when you see “doubles” in someones license plate.  Eventually we added a lot more like, “out of state” and “customized” and “splits” (like 636) According to people who had to listen to us play this game it made it so it was every licence plate in the world.
  • Road Sign Bingo or actually any kind of road bingo. They even have cards you can print off for Road Kill Bingo. Whooo! “If only I could find that dead badger!”

P.S. Today my work gave me a shirt with the company logo on it. I think I will probably want to wear it all the time.  It’s darling. Oh wait…. no…. no it’s not.

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