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I love award shows a great deal. I’m not exactly sure why, but this means that I am currently watching the Oscars. I’ve made up a little game to play as I watch. Every time they announce a winner I check it’s wikipedia page to see how fast they add it to that winners page. It’s shocking….

P.S. As a side note I’ve held an oscar before and they really are quite heavy.

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I hate MTV. Hate it. And today when I was super bored at work I decided to vote for the teen choice awards, and I was just going through all the categories and I finally came to Best Villian and they had the bad guy from Heroes, Lex Luthur, and then Spencer Pratt from the Hills. And that is hilarious.

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Back in the day when the blog first began we used to list a Guilty Pleasure at the end of every post. Here is a list of a few of our many guilty pleasures. Most of them seem to be embarrassing music, which makes sense. We have A LOT of embarrassing music.

  • Christmas Music in October
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • See You Again- Miley Cyrus (you know you secretly liked it too)
  • Jonas Brothers (probably most embarrassing)
  • The Power Rangers Theme Song
  • Don’t Turn Around- Ace of Base
  • The song “Manic Monday”
  • Romeo- The Basement Jaxx
  • New Girl In Town- Song from Hairspray Soundtrack
  • Be As… (weird song from Canada that Kelli found on youtube)
  • I Want Candy- Aaron Carter
  • I Think I Love You- Kaci
  • Move On- Jonas Brothers
  • Let Your Heart Do All The Talking- A*Teens
  • If We Were A Movie- Hannah Montana
  • ABBA- all of it
  • Thinking Gerard Way is hot
  • Upside Down- A*Teens
  • Online Shopping
  • Party With Us- Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers (double embarrassing)
  • Sudden crush on the main singer of “Lifehouse”
  • Pop Princess- The Click Five
  • Let’s Dance- Vannessa Hudgens aka Baby V- heh
  • The A*Teens
  • Hannah Montana (both the TV show and the music)
  • Star Girl (the book)
  • This hilarious ‘Bachlorette CD” we bought at the Dollar Store once.
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K
  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

So anybody  who listens to more embarrassing music than us raise your hand! No hands. Weird.

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    our TV show

    Some awesome times in our lives that would have been awesome on TV

    There is probably a lot of out in the big field moments that would be film worth, wind blowing through our hair, bare back, laughing and racing and what not…
    Me tripping your dad and him falling down the stairs. Really that is just a classic moment

    us in wal mart at midnight trying to decide which pool lindsi should get

    Us River rafting. We are always Funny River rafting
    I feel like the documentation of at least of the quiet books would be humorous.

    Us at the night is young sleepover we are funny when we are tired

    Biker boy chasing me down and me jumping a fence

    you nearly killing your self being Victoria and me making Emma cry

    Playing wave race with your dad and being maniacs and yelling and stuff. Well actually pretty much any one… they all think we are crazy.

    Us at the various harry potter movies, every one of those has had some sort of funny dealio that has happened

    some of the various conversations we have had…

    I can’t really remember them but we are funny almost a hundred percent of the time.Hmmmm we have 5 hits on the hit counter…. 2 are from me… haha I wonder if we get stats from this one I will have to go check me yahoo account.I was on a huge roll today at maddies with the love quotes thing. Heh my favorite part about them is that if people said them and were serious I would just think they were weirdoes. My newest is “Love is like art, beautiful, yet difficult to understand” they just come to me hahaha I am so weird but this quiet book is going to be genius. If I get time in my break tomorrow I will start writing a story:DI am glad that Sarah is living in fear. She should be. She’s going down town. :D

    Guilty pleasure: New girl in Town *does the dance*

    New quirk: I like to refer to things as explosions that belong to people like yesterday with the sarsplosion and my room is a kellsplosion, I don’t really know why




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    Useless 411

    Here is just some random info I have gathered today

    Number 1: Riding horses alone is really just not the same. Not as fun. Even the big field. It’s quite heartbreaking really.

    Number 2: Tonight is The Office Premier! YEAH-YA! I can hardly wait! I’m bouncing up and down in my seat as we speak. Here is a great little Office video from Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC1XiHRIQL0 Oh man Youtube what a beautiful place.

    Number 3: That stupid Brittany Spears guy does not deserve his own TV show. I mean really. WHO will watch it?

    Number 4: It’s Google’s 9th birthday! Yahoo! Just imagine. Nine years a go today some people got really rich.

    Number 5: Sarah has become paranoid about what we will do to her. It’s almost as good as our jokes, because she just can’t stop questioning everything. HAHAHAHA! You just wait Sarah. This weekend you’ll pay! Never cross the line. Dire consequences. (example: Maddie being sprayed with a squirt gun while she’s still half asleep)

    Guilty Pleasure: Pictures to Burn: Taylor Swift(I realize this doesn’t really qualify as “guilty,” but it does to me, because sometimes I have a REALLY hard time admitting I like some country.)
    Obsession: Quiet Book stuff! Anything Quiet Book!

    P.S. That new Stargirl book gets 5 stars. ***** I pretty much love it. (I know I know I totally get an e-point. I actually might be ahead at the moment. I should be… I mean I have the Power Rangers song on my iTunes)

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    The Office

    Here is a little Office Promo I thought you might enjoy.

    I love it! “We now have 7 beautiful settings in white, and one that’s Transformers” Also Andy should totally be a Team Splash Member! hahahahahaha I love the office. Can’t wait for it to come back. :D

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