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Guys. I love people

So I went to the new moon midnight showing last night, which was very entertaning as midnight movie premiers always are. The screaming, the clapping ect, the insane fan girls ect. but look what I found today!!

That is funny

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So I somehow found this website where some guy has made twitter sized summaries of a bunch of different movies. Some of them are pretty good. Here are my favorites:

E.T.: Out-of-control pet causes mayhem, sadness.
TWILIGHT: Girl gives up college for stalker.
KARATE KID: Boy gains acceptance through violence.
JURASSIC PARK: Theme park’s grand opening pushed back.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Dangerous insurgent invades neighboring country.
: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.
: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.
MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL: British comedy troupe inadvertently creates language lab for nerds.
RATATOUILLE: Vermin infest restaurant until it is forced to close doors.
THE X-MEN: Minority group seeks overthrow of social order.

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This is WAR!…

Anyways. Our blog friend Zackapalooza recently wrote a very interesting post about Taylor Swift. You might remember, we love her. He asked for no disagreeing comments on his blog, and so being the polite people we are  we decided not to wage war in his comments. We decided to wage war on the blog.:D

He gives a list of 5 reasons he hates her…
1.She can’t sing at all.
2.Shes not very pretty, really.
3.She’s straight up boring.
4. Her songs are not that great
5. People are obsessed with her for no reason. She’s The human form of Twilight

We will now throw these 5 reasons back in his face. :D
1. She Can sing… Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: If you want to see her do a cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-vENKF0hg
Exhibit C: If you want or need http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDgcVv0Gads
Exhibit D: List of awards she has won- Top new female vocalist (CMAs),  Favorite Female country Artist (AMAs), Best song 2 times and best country song (BMIs), Horizon Award (CMT’s), song writer of the year (NASI’s) and that is not including the ones that she got voted in for.

2.She is totally pretty He unfairly chose a picture of her with no make up on. How many famous ladies can you think of that look good without their make up?? I recommend googling Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie or Miley without make up. Observe our gallery for proof that she is actually really pretty. Also take note that he hair is not fake. It’s Naturally curly. Have you ever tried to manage naturally curly hair? Not That Easy.

3. She is far from boring… Her you tube videos are hilarious, and her interviews and award acceptance speeches are really funny because she gets so excited. Also she made her own music video for I’m Only Me When I’m With you.

4. Her songs are AWESOME. And she wrote or co wrote all of them. That’s pretty stinking rare in the musical world and her lyrics are clever. And she is really good at slipping in jabs at the boys. Observe.
From Forever and Always:
Was I out of line? Did I say something way to honest?
Did you run and hide like a scared little boy?
I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute
Now I’m not so sure

From White Horse:
That I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood,
This is a small town
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now its too late for you and your White Horse,
To come around.

From Pictures to Burn:
To state the obvious
I didn’t get my perfect fantasy
I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay

5.It’s ridiculous to compare anything to the Twilight mania. It’s impossible to compare any obsession to that level of  crazy. 15 year old girls don’t regularly ask Taylor Swift to bite their neck. They do ask Robert Pattinson that.

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I usually don’t get into the whole social networking thing. It so cliche, but who could resist facebook? It’s like the easiest way to spy on your friends ever… that and it has flair. I love flair. Some flair is really stupid, and a lot of it reminds me of T-shirts that I would laugh at, but never wear, but it’s just too awesome for anyone to truly hate. Anyways though here are some of mine and Kelli’s favorite pieces of flair.

This question gets asked too often. Next time I think I will answer it with this.

London Olympics Link for President

Ok I don't think Obama is even remotly close to Hitler, but it's still funny, because this was a really popular flair. Sore losers are funny. All My Friends are Dead hairy men

So I made sure I had one insulting each of the major political parties. How ambiguous! Now no one will ever be able guess what political party I am affiliated with. Oh wait…. I’m from Utah. Oh well. The Team Edward one: hmm probably about 95% of all flair is about Twilight, but this is funny, because really hair is gross. Also that Pikachu flair reminds me of the game Apples to Apples. Which might seem weird at first, but Pokemon is my favorite card in that game, because no matter what the adjective is Pokemon will always be hilarious next to it. Scary, Sexy, Fabulous, the possibilities are endless, and they are always hilarious. So if you ever happen to be playing Apples to Apples with me and you draw the Pokemon card…. play it on my turn. I’ll pick you guaranteed.
P.S. Uh just so you know I don’t actually think that Obama and Hitler are the same, but no one will ever be able to convince me that sore losers aren’t funny.

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Last Night I dreamed I was a Vampire…. I know embarrassing right? A vampire… I dont really remember it well. I do remember being really hyperactive in the dream, I know  I was a vampire, And I was with a odd assortment of other I know who were also vampires. I wish I remembered more of it. But I did finish Breaking Dawn SO I sortof have an excuse for dreaming about that.. (In case your dead to the world: Its from the twilight series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. I’m sure your feeling sceptical of my taste in books now.) Anyways. I did really want to know how the series ended. SO we decided to go to the midnight party for it at our local B&N. Don’t be confused and think we are fanatical. we just like to attend theses things, People at them are Hilarious. (think the David Archuleta fan girls in Two Crazy Girls Daytrip) People always have shirts that are funny and stuff. and there was a boy wearing a team Edward shirt. I have always thought boys who read that book are a little weird but there were plenty of them there. my other favorite shirts were:

Only a vampire can love you forever
Looking for Mr. Tall Dark and Immortal
Cold and sparkaly
Any team Jacob or Edward Shirt

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Now, I was quite the little twilight series skeptic. books about Vampires, falling in love with a human sounds like some trashy romance novel. but at some point Sadie convinced me to read them and I disturbedsurprised my self by actually liking them to a point. the first one I really do the next ones Bella is to whiny ect. ect. but I will read the fourth to find out what happens. but I watched this trailer and I laughed! and I don’t think your supposed to. I mean the “I’m not afraid of you” “you really shouldn’t have said that” part just kills me. also the shallow breathing in the beginning when she is like “How old are you?”                         “17”                                                                                                                                                                “how long have you been 17”                                                                                                                            “A while”

that’s just funny to me… and Edward looks like the devil during that part.

anyways that lettering with the music is really dramatic :D I’ll see the movie. I just dont know what to expect of it.

P.S. I think that one of Sadie’s sisters friends should have been cast as edward…


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