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First days at anything can be pretty awkward but I hate first days at new jobs almost as much as I hate first days of school which was also today… But I’m only taking 2 online classes so it hardly counts.

Anyways. new job first days are even more awkward when you can’t get ahold of your boss to find out what time your supposed to come in and when you do come in the employee in charge of training you pretty much gives you a run down of all the things about your boss that are hard to deal with. But really what I hate most about first days is just being the new kid and everyone else is all already friends and stuff so you’re just like the awkward one. And there are two engaged girls working there which can get real annoying if they never stop talking about being in love..

However I did learn this. Carlos Boozer… you know Utah Jazz star? Brings his family to my place of employment… and apparently his kids are the brattiest ones there and will lie to you if you ask them if their dad plays basketball they will lie to you. That my friends is hilarious.

Also… my boss is a hugger. She hugged me on my first day there!!! WHO DOES THAT?

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A Post From Sadie!!

The poor blog has suffered a lot lately. Unfortunatly it’s blocked here, and so if I want to get on it I have to use a Proxy Server and they are just a pain. Not even worth the trouble, but Kelli was telling me that Zackapaloza complained that we never post anymore. So I told her I would write something and email it to her for her to post up. So here are some things that have happened since I last posted.
  • I went to Beijing and saw tons of the cool sites, climbed the Great Wall, walked around the Forbidden City, etc. It was awesome. There’s tons to see in Beijing, and the Silk Market is really crazy.
  • I went shopping in Shanghai and got some great knock off stuff for pretty cheap
  • Went to a Hot Pot Restarurant. I’m not sure exactly how to explain this, but it’s kind of like a Fondue restaurant only different. You sit at this table that has this huge pot of soup on a little cooker thing and then you just order random ingredients and put it in the pot and then everyone just takes what they want using their chopsticks. It’s pretty fun, but Andy (the guy who took us, Andy is his english name I don’t know his Chinese name) ordered some interesting stuff…. I’m not really sure what half of it was. Most of it was really good, but at one point he really wanted me to try this one item, and I thought it might be octopus, but he informed me that it was a part of the cow that he couldn’t say in English…. I’d rather not know.
  • Went to Haungshan (Yellow Mountain) which was really pretty, and Maddie and I found out that we were slightly under prepared for it. We were thinking it was just like a hike… but then we got there and everyone had like those huge backpacking backpacks strapped on their backs and like walking sticks and stuff. It turned out to be fun though the part of the mountain we were on wasn’t too hard, and we really liked Huangshan city.
  • A few weeks back the Jazz lost to the Rockets. Everyone here loves this fact. They won’t let me forget it. The Jazz better shape up next time we play them.
  • Last week we were invited to go to another school and teach a class. I’d forgotten what it was like that first week of school…. but I remember now. Signing english books, photos, video cameras, mobs of children all over again.
  • This week is Sports week at our school, and tomorrow Maddie and I have been “invited” to be in one of the races… can’t wait…. we’re going to look totally foolish. Espeically since neither one of us packed gym clothes so we’ll have to run it in our jeans… should be fun.
P.S. I heard Real Salt Lake won the MSL against LA and Beckham…. what the heck?! I thought they were horrible…. I was under the impression that it was sort of miraculous if they won a game at all let alone made it to the championships. So when do they start filming for the feel good flick based on a true story of the underdog soccer team?

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So Jazz game starting any minute now. And although it isn’t Sadie’s 4th row seats, by some lucky stroke we managed to acquire the TV to watch the game. This rarely happens, the basketball gods are smiling down on us. I recommend going to SLC dunk and reading the game thread because it is really enjoyable… Danielle and Moni are in love… read it and see for yourself. http://www.slcdunk.com/2009/3/24/809558/houston-rockets-utah-jazz#comments also I very much enjoy that people from the dream shake are over talking smack:D  I joined SLC Dunks group for the NCAA bracket and am getting totally thrashed and I like to think that they were mildly confused… Some times I feel like we should join and start commenting so that Danielle wouldn’t be the only girl… actually I guess there could be another one with a name that makes it tricky to tell. Anyways here are a few things to be noted.
Ron artest has horrendous facial hair.

ugly beardbut once upon a time had this…. wierd
Scola has the worst hair ever… whats with the head band??
Kyle Korvers new haircut makes him look like a small child… but I can’t find a picture
Shane Battier has wierd head wrinkles…
Yao Ming has got shouldered by millsap like 10 times, that is delightful
The difference between Yao ming and brooks is hilarious Yao’s calf is the size of Brooks head
hey look a midget. ...wait...
I think Jerry is one of the unhappiest men on earth
Ronnie Brewer is AWESOME… If I wasn’t in love with Ronnie Price…. haha
And a question for Jerry Sloan… WHY WON’T YOU PLAY RONNIE PRICE?!

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Here is a list of things that always make me laugh.

-People falling.. on ice, down the stairs, up the stairs… doesn’t really matter I just think it’s funny. I think it’s funny when I fall too, which uh… happens quite often actually.

-Bollywood films. Especially Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kal Ho Naho. Both classics.

-Reading my fellow classmates “introductions” for a class I’m taking.  Our first assignment was to write a paragraph about our selves and post it on our class website. So far my classmates seem really… interesting… Especially the one claiming to be a ninja.

-Cade goes to college

– This embarrassing photo of Kyle Korver, I mean the guy is in the NBA. You can’t have photos like this lurking around.


This photo reminds me of another hilarious photo I have in my possession. It is of my sister, and really every time I look at it I laugh so hard I actually cry…. however, something tells me she wouldn’t want it on the Internet..

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Stuff this World Could Stand to be Without:

  • Finals
  • Group projects
  • Rappers
  • People who don’t believe in Dinosaurs
  • Jazz player injuries
  • People who decide they do not want to attend Anberlin concerts with me.

Things There Should be More of:

  • Artists/Bands who give away their music free and make it public domain
  • Teachers who have you write a paper instead of take a final or better yet don’t have a final at all.
  • Christmas lights! I almost think they should be mandatory even if you don’t like Christmas.  Also I wish we kept them up all year long.
  • Jazz wins like last night
  • Breaks off school
  • Ideas of what gifts I should get people this year. Namely my parents and younger brother.
  • People who like going to Blockbuster for me since I hate going there.

P.S. Kelli…. I GOT YOUR PRESENT TODAY!!! I am so excited! You are so hard to shop for I hope you know.  Also I am going to try REALLY hard not to give it to you early or tell you what it is. No promises. I love Christmas.

P.P.S. Oh yeah earliar I was listening to “Love Lockdown” and Jordan would not believe me that it was Kanye West. haha Man I hate Kanye, but that song is pretty great.

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Dear Blog,
      Are you feeling neglected and boring? That is probably because you are. Sorry. I have bloggers block(?) But you are pretty great, and we’ve shared some great times. So just know that you are still loved, even if you suck right now.

Ok anyways here are just some stuff that’s been going on recently.

  • Earlier today I watched a guy trying to pull a push door, which was funny, but not as funny as how long it actually to took him to figure out what he was doing wrong. 
  • I saw a guy fighting the cold snap wear a beanie from Disney land with goofy ears attached. Which would be weird if it was like a kid my age, but not as weird because this guy was at least 35 (being generous).
  • The word blog is not in the spell check on this blog website…
  • The other day my bio teacher was talking about species being extinct, and he was like, “99% of all species living on the planet today are extinct” He did not notice or correct himself.
  • The Jazz season started back up only it’s been sort of suckish since apparently there is some sort of curse that prevents us from ever having all 5 of our starters present. On the bright yet dim side I did see Collins try to run into Shaq and it nearly put him (Collins not Shaq) on the ground. So that was enjoyable.

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I love the Olympics… like a lot. I have been known to run home from my friends house if it means I might miss a speed skating race from my favorite Olympian, and I follow the medal count like my life depends on it. So I’m pretty excited about it being the Olympics this year. Here are my favorite things.

  • The U.S. basketball team since 2 Jazz players are on it, and yesterday the game against China… yeah we dominated. Go Redeem Team!
  • Last night the French swim team were talking smack on the U.S. Team before the relay and it totally looked they would win but then Lezak is amazing and we win by 8 one hundredths of a second. Ouch.
  • The commercials of Olympians with McDonald’s sandwiches. No way in the world they actually eat McDonald’s. Especially not the track stars and gymnasts they have on it.
  • I miss Paul Hamm though. He would totally win the award for “voice that really shouldn’t be coming out of that body” It was hilarious every time he opened his mouth.
  • The fact that apparently in China people actually like Kobe Bryant. Who knew?

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