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331 miles

215 song on the go iPod playlist

50 dollars in gas

16 games of concentration

12 hours round trip in the carroad trip

4 Passengers riding in the Corrolla

2 bags of salt and vinegar chips

2 of the worst sunburns ever

1 bag of skittles

1 minor  freak out from the back seat

Leaving this:rain

For this:



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4th folder, 4th picture. I actually wasn’t going to do this Tag when I saw it on other peoples blogs. But then I went and looked at my 4th folder, 4thpicture and couldn’t resist.

on the left is my little brother, on the right my cousin. you may think the white line on my brother is his underwear at first glance. WRONG. That is his burn line. We were in Hawaii and that was his 5th day without sunscreen. LOVE IT. Also the looks on their faces are pretty funny. Its obvious they both think they are wicked awesome.

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Summer Camp

Ok so I’m not going to summer camp. My family is actually going camping with some of my cousins. I don’t know how I feel about this really… I mean the beach and cousins are fun, but camping? I’ve got to admit… not really my favorite thing. But I am excited for JET SKIING! WHOO! I love Jet Skis. They are a blast. Last year I was on the back of one of the jet skis with my older brother, and he was doing all this crazy stuff trying to throw me off and he succeeded… only so did I.. because I pulled him off with me. It was awesome. And I look forward to it happening again if I ever end up having to ride with him. Plus no way would I ever really complain about vacation.. I mean come on! (actually one exception the infamous Moab trip… shudder) And I just completed my mix CD for the drive up. I’m starting to get excited despite the whole camping thing. Wahoo! Plus I am SICK of working.

P.S. Check it out we are #5 on Top Blogs in the personal, life, Philippians section. I have no idea what this blog has to do with Philippians, but… no complaints man!

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This will be me this weekend (the guy in the blue life jacket). Can’t wait. I love love love river rafting. The only sad part is Kelli is gone partying it up in Lake Powell and can’t come this year.  Oh well Kelli, you’ll be there in Spirit or something…. haha Anyways the blog will be a little neglected for a while. Sorry. I don’t feel like anyone will really shed too many tears… :)

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So… every year my Family goes to yellowstone for memorial day its my family and my moms sisters family really.  Usually Sadie Comes but she couldn’t this year, so not as fun as usual, but you cant hate on vacations. some generally funny things happened though so I’ll just put them down here. first some quote highlights

My cousin Wes(24) ” Hey look a person wearing a cape!” rolls down window “EXPECTO PATRONUS!” the person wearing the cape looked flabbergasted

Brother Brent (16) and cousin Jeff (19) Brent:”Wow there are alot of Asians here” Jeff: “drive closer dad, I’ll touch them” (sidenote: I am pretty sure this is because we were trying to reach out the window to touch a buffalo earlier in the day. My family makes alot of racist jokes… sorry)

Now a wild life report

  • Bears-7
  • Buffalo-100s
  • Elk-100s
  • Coyote-1
  • Pine martins-1
  • antelope-20ish
  • horses-4 in the park

One of the bears was really cool because we were only like 20 yards from it.

I only saw two geysers, I was going for Zero but its hard to avoid seeing old faithful when your cabin is practically next door and everyone walked to this one little one called anemone so I couldn’t really stay behind. The breakfast that we go to every memorial day was as nasty as ever. I Swear they have the worlds grossest eggs there. blah. The boys invented a new game… I don’t know the name of it. but it consists of one person throwing a snowball and aiming for the other persons face, and if the person being thrown at flinches they get white washed, you are not allowed to close your eyes or run. Boys ar such morons.

 P.S. Hey just a girl heres tagging you for our three things post.


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