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Red Valentine Heart

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays so hopefully everyone has a good time. Don’t be bitter and call it Singles Awareness Day, because the REAL Singles Awareness Day isn’t until tomorrow.

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I LOVE Hannah Montana

So much that I bought her Cereal. WOO HOO

best of both worlds

And it tastes DELICIOUS. And 20 calories less then normal cereal.  And really I jsut bought her cereal becuase I was on a ceral buying spree.

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Who wants a shirt with our faces on it?!


Hahaha. If we ever have a contest this will be the prize

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There is just so much there. And Check out his little treasure.

I particularly love the dancing and the fact the school teacher is dressed like one of our very own pioneers.

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So you may or may not know this but we LOVE Valentines Day quite a bit. It is definitely one of our favorite holidays, and you should know we love our selves some holidays.  So here is a Valentines Day play list

  • Love is Wicked- Brick and Lace
  • Secret Valentine- We the Kings
  • Tu Amor- RBD
  • Love Song- The Cure (or the 311 cover is good too)
  • Stupid Cupid- Connie Francis or Mandy Moore
  • If Cupid Had a Heart- Julie Griffin
  • Heartburn- NLT
  • Please Be Mine- Jonas Brothers
  • Cupid- Jack Johnson
  • Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows
  • Crushcrushcrush- Paramore
  • Hey Juliet- LMNT
  • Bloody Valentine- Good Charlotte
  • Valentine- The Replacements
  • Cupid Shuffle- Cupid

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But there are some things you just cant help. SO here you go and you should know there are far more then 5 but I’m trying to keep this series of sorts short and a little uniform.

Number 1 Dane Cook- I can hear a zillion voices telling me he isn’t funny. In fact the entire internet is yelling at me right now I just know it. But I say that guy is funny.

Number 2 Playdough Ice cream- Gross right?? I even know that it’s gross and I still like it.

Number 3 Bumper cars. I’m to old probably but those things are buckets of fun… once you figure out how to steer them properly

Number 4 Hannah Montana. More internet rage and I can hear certain people rolling their eyes. But that show is superior to every other Disney program. Even Wizards and especially Sonny With a Chance, I’ve only seen previews and one small clip but there are some things you just know. And Hannah/Miley songs are way better then either of those. I think most people just hate her cause its the thing to do… Or they find her voice extremly annoying

Number 5 The smell of bleach. That stuff smells delicious and If I didn’t know it would kill me I would totally drink it.

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More LOVE!

SO I actually had big plans to do a post about things I love everyday before valentines. FAIL. But. In an effort to entertain myself during a great lecture, I will now post a list of the foods I love. I will even go so far as to say I wouldn’t so much mind living strictly on these foods.

1st the cereals. I LOVE cereal. it might run in my family. in fact I’m sure it is. At home my family drinks approximately 3 gallons a week. I drink about 1 all by myself in college. The best cereals? Cap’n Crunch and Frosted Flakes. hands DOWN. I have on occasion eaten these for all 3 meals.

2nd Pizza. Oh my gosh. LOVE it. Pretty much any kind as long as it doesnt involve mushrooms or olives. And if there is Bacon on this pizza? EVEN BETTER.

3rd Fried Rice. Whats not to love??

4th skittles. There was a time when every driving trip my family went on I would buy a whole bag not the 98 cent kind the 2 dollar kinds and there have been times I have finished the whole bag in 1 stretch. Gross right? but they are delicious

5th Otter pops. I generally live on these during the summer. the are the greatest inventions ever. And No. Off brands will not do

I feel like if I went on a my favorite foods diet I would die swiftly of malnutrition. There are cooler ways to die.

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In honor of Valentines Day here are some types of love and some songs that go with them. This would be longer, but really we are sick of this and want to go do something awesome instead.

Best Friend Boy:
Just Friends- Jonas Brothers
Best Friends- Toy Box
Day Late Friend- Anberlin
Mary’s Song- Taylor Swift
Best Friend Boy List

I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
She’s A Lady- Forever the Sickest Kids

Opposites Attract:

Tear Drops On My Guitar- Taylor Swift
Just The Girl- Click Five
Still In Love With You- Jonas Brothers

Miserable At Best- May Day Parade
Hate (I really don’t like you)- Plain White T’s
Red High Heels- Kellie Pickler
Picture To Burn- Taylor Swift
Takin’ Back My Love- Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara

One Way or Another- Blondie
What I Go To School For- Jonas Brothers
Every Move You Make- The Police

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Be Mine

My roomate F asked me and my other Roomate C. to make Valentines to send to her missionaries companion. She didn’t want him to feel left outincase he didn’t have some nice girl back home sending him stuff to. SO I begrudgingly agreed while C enthusiastically Agreed. C got out all her wall paper samples (because she is an interior Design major) and we set to work. They Started pulling out all the nice valentines-y colors and I sat and waited for inspiration…
I thought the wire was an exspecially nice touch. I hope he loves it.

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