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Here are just some random things I’ve been thinking about lately

  • Kelli and I were just wondering… what is up with the Little Caesar’s guy having chest hair?! That is just gross, when I want some pizza I do not want to be thinking about chest hair. Also he basically has no neck his body just sort ofΒ  molds into a head.
  • I am BEYOND ready for the summer! Summer is the best.Β  Finals are the worst. I’m hoping this last month of school speeds by. I can’t stop thinking about pool days, sunglasses, and river rafting. I can not wait.
  • I wonder how Anne Frank feels about the whole world reading her diary as a school assignment.
  • iCarly is a pretty great show.
  • It sort of bothers me when people say “chillin” or “he’s way chill” I don’t know why.
  • If ever you see crate paper on sell for 10 cents…. you should buy it. Trust us.
  • Golf is boring.
  • When ever it rains it should also lightening. I love lightening. Don’t know why.

Other things that have happen lately

  • Easter. Easter is great. Mostly because dying eggs is a great thing to do in your spare time. I personally think I might just start dying all my eggs year round.
  • We took my little sister to see Hannah Montana movie this weekend (read: forced her to go with us so we wouldn’t look lame). It’s a winner. (Also we didn’t look as lame as my brother and his 3 friends)
  • We’ve been in game mode this weekend. Cranium, Mafia, Scum, etc. Games are the best.

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And by plunge I mean we jumped in our apartment pool which has not been heated all winter. or ever maybe… I don’t really know. But it was freezing. Also sadie was Ill and she still did it.Β So did our roommate. And nowΒ we have the shirts to prove it which is awesome… They say “I TOOK THE PLUNGE” with a polar bear. now when I wear my shirt people will think I am so cool probably.

here we all are pre swim

Pre plunge

And Here we all are diving in. Notice Sadies great diving form verses my hunchback

The Dive in

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