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Here are just some random things I’ve been thinking about lately

  • Kelli and I were just wondering… what is up with the Little Caesar’s guy having chest hair?! That is just gross, when I want some pizza I do not want to be thinking about chest hair. Also he basically has no neck his body just sort of  molds into a head.
  • I am BEYOND ready for the summer! Summer is the best.  Finals are the worst. I’m hoping this last month of school speeds by. I can’t stop thinking about pool days, sunglasses, and river rafting. I can not wait.
  • I wonder how Anne Frank feels about the whole world reading her diary as a school assignment.
  • iCarly is a pretty great show.
  • It sort of bothers me when people say “chillin” or “he’s way chill” I don’t know why.
  • If ever you see crate paper on sell for 10 cents…. you should buy it. Trust us.
  • Golf is boring.
  • When ever it rains it should also lightening. I love lightening. Don’t know why.

Other things that have happen lately

  • Easter. Easter is great. Mostly because dying eggs is a great thing to do in your spare time. I personally think I might just start dying all my eggs year round.
  • We took my little sister to see Hannah Montana movie this weekend (read: forced her to go with us so we wouldn’t look lame). It’s a winner. (Also we didn’t look as lame as my brother and his 3 friends)
  • We’ve been in game mode this weekend. Cranium, Mafia, Scum, etc. Games are the best.

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Festival of Colors

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So Jazz game starting any minute now. And although it isn’t Sadie’s 4th row seats, by some lucky stroke we managed to acquire the TV to watch the game. This rarely happens, the basketball gods are smiling down on us. I recommend going to SLC dunk and reading the game thread because it is really enjoyable… Danielle and Moni are in love… read it and see for yourself. http://www.slcdunk.com/2009/3/24/809558/houston-rockets-utah-jazz#comments also I very much enjoy that people from the dream shake are over talking smack:D  I joined SLC Dunks group for the NCAA bracket and am getting totally thrashed and I like to think that they were mildly confused… Some times I feel like we should join and start commenting so that Danielle wouldn’t be the only girl… actually I guess there could be another one with a name that makes it tricky to tell. Anyways here are a few things to be noted.
Ron artest has horrendous facial hair.

ugly beardbut once upon a time had this…. wierd
Scola has the worst hair ever… whats with the head band??
Kyle Korvers new haircut makes him look like a small child… but I can’t find a picture
Shane Battier has wierd head wrinkles…
Yao Ming has got shouldered by millsap like 10 times, that is delightful
The difference between Yao ming and brooks is hilarious Yao’s calf is the size of Brooks head
hey look a midget. ...wait...
I think Jerry is one of the unhappiest men on earth
Ronnie Brewer is AWESOME… If I wasn’t in love with Ronnie Price…. haha
And a question for Jerry Sloan… WHY WON’T YOU PLAY RONNIE PRICE?!

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March Madness

The other day Kelli and I were talking about how March is sort of just not really the best month. I mean first off the weather is awful. It’s bipolar or something. It was wonderful and warm just the other day. In fact we both busted out the flip flops, but alas there was snow on the ground this morning. Also at this point I think everyone is just really sick of school, maybe that’s just me, and possibly that’s just all the time, but I am particularly sick of it right now as we just got done with midterms…. So in order to counter act the inevitable depression you are feeling now that you realize that March is lame here is a list of things to celebrate in March

Weird Holidays in March:

March 1st-  Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
March 2nd- Old Stuff Day
March 9th- Panic Day
March 11th- Johnny Appleseed Day (note to Freddy the Fish: My boyfriend)
March 12th- Alfred Hitchcock Day (I will celebrate this one if I remember)
March 17th- Submarine Day
March 19th- Poultry Day (How did we NOT know this existed Madigan?!?!)
March 22nd- National Goof-off Day
March 25th- Waffle Day (to make up for me missing Pancake day in Febuary)
March 26th- Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 30th- I Am In Control Day (not sure how this works out if everyone thinks it applies to them)

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Whoa guys. We made it to 400 posts. and Since I don’t feel like making a list of 400 things or whatever we just made this!

F- Famous people, We have them on our walls teen girl style
O- Obsessed. With whatever it is… A song, a person, a phrase
U- Un- Graceful. (not a real word, I know) Something we both are, and something we both have scars to prove
R -Roommates, we are roommates, we have weird roommates

H- Hyper. Particularly if we drink a rock star. Seriously it was only once and it was AWESOME
U- Un- organized. Ok actually Sadie is organized but our desk looks like a tornado hit it
N- Nostalgic. Particularly with high school or vacations
D- Daredevils. Because D’s are hard to come by.
R- Random. Anytime Sarah’s friends come over we will randomly decide to do something crazy.
E-Embarrassing. Movies, music you name it we probably like it
D- Dynamic… Like Dynamic Duo.. also I couldn’t think of another D

And that actually took way more work then I wanted it too.

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And by plunge I mean we jumped in our apartment pool which has not been heated all winter. or ever maybe… I don’t really know. But it was freezing. Also sadie was Ill and she still did it. So did our roommate. And now we have the shirts to prove it which is awesome… They say “I TOOK THE PLUNGE” with a polar bear. now when I wear my shirt people will think I am so cool probably.

here we all are pre swim

Pre plunge

And Here we all are diving in. Notice Sadies great diving form verses my hunchback

The Dive in

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For Nandango

Foot Writing

For Nandango. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

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Team Carson

You like?

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I LOVE Sharks

And really, who wouldn’t want a shark coffee table?!



Heh. If I ever have $3000 to blow on a coffe table you will know exactly which one I bought

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But there are some things you just cant help. SO here you go and you should know there are far more then 5 but I’m trying to keep this series of sorts short and a little uniform.

Number 1 Dane Cook- I can hear a zillion voices telling me he isn’t funny. In fact the entire internet is yelling at me right now I just know it. But I say that guy is funny.

Number 2 Playdough Ice cream- Gross right?? I even know that it’s gross and I still like it.

Number 3 Bumper cars. I’m to old probably but those things are buckets of fun… once you figure out how to steer them properly

Number 4 Hannah Montana. More internet rage and I can hear certain people rolling their eyes. But that show is superior to every other Disney program. Even Wizards and especially Sonny With a Chance, I’ve only seen previews and one small clip but there are some things you just know. And Hannah/Miley songs are way better then either of those. I think most people just hate her cause its the thing to do… Or they find her voice extremly annoying

Number 5 The smell of bleach. That stuff smells delicious and If I didn’t know it would kill me I would totally drink it.

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