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Seriously. Look at this engagement photo… His face is a wierd color and it looks like he is seconds from chowing on her neck. and he’s grabbing onto her because otherwise she’ll get away but really she is just happy that maybe she’ll be a vampire too.


Also his feet are HUGE

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Ok actually I guess it’s the grand canyon state. But so far I’ve seen alot more cactus then grand canyon. P.S. for those who didn’t know? I’m in Mesa staying with my moms cousin for a while working at her husbands orthodontist office… working is a loose term, perhaps standing around wishing I could do stuff would be better. So far I have learned…

120 degrees? Completely possible. I thought I knew hot before, turns out I never even met the guy
sometimes you can be so hot that getting in the pool just makes you feel gross
Little boys can actually be terrorists and when working together can actually tie you to a chair
Saying “Nice to meet you”  to someone you’ve never seen in your life just isn’t good enough for some people, the may prefer “Wow your teeth are really crooked Kelli, we’ll have to get braces on you right away”
Mesa Arizona is sortof like a little annex of Utah… complete with tons of 8 kids families and children with BOM names all over the place
My cousins husband thinks I’m a so sheltered or whatever that I can’t even identify a saguaro cactus. WRONG sir my mother is a plant genius and I’m pretty sure even people on the east coast know what those are

:) Also these people have a pet pig… snoop hog I can’t tell you how weird I think that is. and they treat it like a baby and it sleeps in the house, so weird. Anyways I think tomorrow I am going to try to cook an egg on the street just to see if it can really be done, I’ve wanted to try that since I was a little kid.

Also let the hunt for The filthy 5, the worlds worst park commence!

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SO I’m leaving for yellowstone today which isn’t really important to this story but whatever. So ANYWAYS I’ve been listening to the new black eyed peas song alot this morning and all of a sudden I get a text message that say’s “I’m so 2008 your so 2000 and late boom boom pow”. Which you know, is part of the song…. And I’m listening to it. So I of course freak out and like search my house for friends of my little brother… I didn’t find any. Now I will just transcribe the rest of the conversation for your enjoyment.

Creeper-I’m so 2008 your so 2000 and late boom bom pow…
Kelli- Oh my gosh! Who is this!?
Creeper- No habla ingles
Kelli- That’s a Lie, you just texted me a song. Is this Brent? (my little brother who would love a trick like this)
Kelli- Also You got the Lyrics wrong it’s 3008 not 2008
Creeper- Is this EM?
*here is where I call the number. no one answers I get a message that sounds a little like brent, so I call the number on erics phone, no answer so I call brents phone and its not the same message.*

Kelli- Do I even know you?
Creeper- I think So. this is jason p your old class mate
Kelli- from what class?
Creeper-Is this robi? (remember rob guys?!)
* I am completely relieved that someone is not stalking me*
Kelli- um no He got rid of this number like 2 years ago
Creeper- Oh sorry.
Creeper- I will delete the number. Or maybe we could go see startrek today. I’m not working
*at this point I cannot believe I have practically been stalked AND asked on a date by one of robs old friends. another one called and told me my voice sounded hot. so cool I know*
Kelli- um I’m going to yellowstone today. sorry
Creeper- oh ok
Creeper- sorry again
Creeper- Have fun friend
Creeper- dont feed the bears
*so now the guys trying to flirt me up… AWKWARD*


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Bump it UP!

I don’t know how many of you have seen a commercial for one of these but seriously I think If I ever saw someone wearing one I would pop them on the head with all my might in hopes of breaking it.


I am confident that no one told these ladies that they have tumors popping off the back of their head. Seriously. They say its “fully volumized” I think this goes beyond volumized. WHY WOULD YOU PAY 20 DOLLARS FOR THIS?? Hair spray and a ratting comb would totally do the same thing! Except better because you might be able to avoid looking like you have cancer….

P.S. I totally got second place in the NCAA bracket group I entered. TAKE THAT all you SLC dunk guys who don’t even know me. You got beaten by a girl! If you want to see my name in lights and glory Go here  SLC Dunk 

ok so its not my name but you can look at my bracket…

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Because I was real bored last night at 2:00, I filled out a bracket. Mine is a mascot to mascot theory, except the tar-heels who I actually do think will win. But their mascot is only a ram and that wouldn’t stand up to great against the tigers they have to face… inconvenient for my strategy really… I even went so far as to research who would win if a bear and a wild cat fought… the wild cat would win. Weird right?? but I looked it up on you tube and the bear totally ran away.  And check it out the scientific name for a Brown bear is Ursus arctos horribilis I like that horribilis is very much like horrible and will believe that whoever named it scientifically, hated bears. Anyways here is my bracket…

Mascot to mascot

you’ll have to get about 3 inches from your computer screen but thats just how it is I Guess. I can’t figure out a better way…. WordPress is such a jerk…

Also… Me and Barack picked the same winner… but our brackets are very different. He has strategy. I don’t

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March Madness

The other day Kelli and I were talking about how March is sort of just not really the best month. I mean first off the weather is awful. It’s bipolar or something. It was wonderful and warm just the other day. In fact we both busted out the flip flops, but alas there was snow on the ground this morning. Also at this point I think everyone is just really sick of school, maybe that’s just me, and possibly that’s just all the time, but I am particularly sick of it right now as we just got done with midterms…. So in order to counter act the inevitable depression you are feeling now that you realize that March is lame here is a list of things to celebrate in March

Weird Holidays in March:

March 1st-  Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
March 2nd- Old Stuff Day
March 9th- Panic Day
March 11th- Johnny Appleseed Day (note to Freddy the Fish: My boyfriend)
March 12th- Alfred Hitchcock Day (I will celebrate this one if I remember)
March 17th- Submarine Day
March 19th- Poultry Day (How did we NOT know this existed Madigan?!?!)
March 22nd- National Goof-off Day
March 25th- Waffle Day (to make up for me missing Pancake day in Febuary)
March 26th- Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
March 30th- I Am In Control Day (not sure how this works out if everyone thinks it applies to them)

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We recently purchased a new mailbox at my home as last week when we went outside our mailbox was lying on the ground due to a snow plow driver with very poor driving skills. Our mailbox was not the only casualty. However our mailbox has suffered an unusual amount of vandalism. Here is a list of things that have happened to our mailbox.

  • Run over by the snow plow
  • Hit by a bat 3 times  (this must be a favorite of local teenagers)
  • Blown up
  • Semi truck backed over it

This time my dad bought a hideous black rubber mail box. He thinks this is funny because he wants to see someone’s face after they try to hit it with a bat. I think the world will find some way to destroy this one as well. Hopefully.

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