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First days at anything can be pretty awkward but I hate first days at new jobs almost as much as I hate first days of school which was also today… But I’m only taking 2 online classes so it hardly counts.

Anyways. new job first days are even more awkward when you can’t get ahold of your boss to find out what time your supposed to come in and when you do come in the employee in charge of training you pretty much gives you a run down of all the things about your boss that are hard to deal with. But really what I hate most about first days is just being the new kid and everyone else is all already friends and stuff so you’re just like the awkward one. And there are two engaged girls working there which can get real annoying if they never stop talking about being in love..

However I did learn this. Carlos Boozer… you know Utah Jazz star? Brings his family to my place of employment… and apparently his kids are the brattiest ones there and will lie to you if you ask them if their dad plays basketball they will lie to you. That my friends is hilarious.

Also… my boss is a hugger. She hugged me on my first day there!!! WHO DOES THAT?

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Most people Don’t really love to mow the lawn. I don’t. It’s hot, it takes a long time, you get dirty, and you might step on something. I would far rather do other household chores like vacuming or cleaning stuff, even gardening. I just get so bored mowing. Overtime I have perfected the skills necessary to evade this tedious chore but make the most of it when I can no longer avoid it.

The first step is to avoid being in the room when your parents are asking someone else to mow. This makes it more difficult for them to point out that you haven’t mowed the lawn recently. If you cannot avoid being called on remind your parent that you have a job, this works particularly well if your other siblings don’t. If you do end up  having to mow you have a couple of options proceed to mowing or put it off till more money is offered for your valuble time. OR Demand extra money for certain extra things like picking up fallen fruit. Those aren’t actually that important.

Moving on to the actual mowing of the lawn. I am a natural at being bad at mowing lawns and more then one person has commented on it. This does not bother me. It comes from being a very spacey person:D Now If you aren’t naturally bad you have to look naturally bad. I am naturally bad and accidently do all of these except the third one.

Randomly Switch Directions (This really annoys some people and leaves some little strips of unmowed grass)
Go choppy around the trees, its hard to mow aorund them and make them look good
Don’t move objects like your brothers golf balls, mow small circles around them
Run over pine cones and sticks

Whenever I finish my mom always re remembers why she doesn’t love me to mow the lawn. YAY! I Have only mowed twice this summer:D woot

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I did one of these when I left Logan. Now I feel another is necessary. Tomorrow Is the last day of my job at the Aviary. WEIRD. A part of me has waited all summer for this day. And now I sortof dread it. perhaps that is due to the fact that As my job ends so does summer. NOOOO. Anyways.

Things I’ll Miss

Some of the weird people I work with
Dirt cheap Popsicles
Working outside
Having a flexible schedule
Listening to all the crazy Bird people over the radios

Alright SO there isn’t much there…. Now

Things I Wont

Our Archaic Credit Card Machines. (we have one slider and one that still uses that carbon paper. no lie.)
Dressing up as the pelican (this might get a whole post some day)

Awww cute, Thats not actually me. it's Conner

fun right? NOT






Having both bird shows memorized
Our Phone System from the 70’s
Our really Gross floors
Some of the weird people I work with
Having to think up new fun crafts
Our broken ticket window
Counting Money
The nasty water
Being a good customer server when I really just want to tell them how dumb they are
Having to remind myself not to answer my phone and say “Aviary, this is Kelli”
Being yelled at by bird show for being late

Obviously I’m not that broken up about leaving..

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I really try to avoid blogging about my job, because really it’s just too boring for words. And it already wastes a lot of my time it shouldn’t have to waste yours too, but there is one thing about my job that I secretly like… and that is the rugs. Not because they are attractive… far from it (green, dusty pink, and red aren’t exactly my choice color swatches) but because they are placed on extremely slick wood floors. Everyday someone nearly falls over on them and sometimes they go all the way down. I’ve always had a really hard time controlling my laughter when people fall. I know I should at least ask them if they are ok before I start laughing, but sometimes I just can’t do it. I don’t know why. I just have a lame sense of humor I guess, but in my defence I don’t care if you laugh at me when I fall down (which happens to me A LOT). Really this is like a law suit waiting to happen I don’t know why they don’t do something about it, but for now it’s pretty much the only thing keeping me entertained.

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It can have really Great moments. Like today when I was sitting at our desk that opens to the park. People LOVE to roller blade at the park, I actually thought rollerblading was dead, this is not the case. ANYways. I’m just sitting there and suddenly this lady comes into view. She Is roller blading, Holding 2 dogs, Pushing a stroller with a very small child and there is a 4-5 year old trailing behind her on a bike. And I thought to my self, ” There are just so many ways this could go so horrifically wrong” And then I amused my self for the next 15 minutes thinking of the endless possibilities, horrible right? heh

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Round 2

I was going to link you back to an old post. but found that I either didnt tranfer it in the move or just never posted it. so I will post both picutres now. as you can tell my paint people have evolved. but it is the same guy.

The first encounter

And now he’s ba-ack

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Most Awkward Conversation of the Day: tie between my Dad talking about Love at the dinner table and the weird oldish guy who came into my work today. So the weird oldish guy like comes in and pays and whatever, and then he is just like hanging around making pointless conversation to me which isn’t that unusual but then he’s like “So do you have boyfriend?” “Uhh…. I’m sort of young…” “Oh really how young?” “18” and he’s like “Oh! I thought you were like 23!” Uh no… you did not. No one in the world thinks I am 23. Most people think I am 16. Either way I am totally putting my hair in pigtails first chance I get. No one wants to grow up.

Best Quote: “Well that boy was queerer than a 3 dollar bill.”
— The old lady at my work after some really weird most likely gay modern dance major boy came in, and chatted us up for awhile.

Best Jordan Moment: During FHE My Dad asks what dispensation we are in right now, and Jordan is all “Isn’t it the Mesozoic or something?”

Best Cookie Salesmen: Sydnie, it’s school fundraiser time, and she is on a rampage. She must get that pair of text messengers! She even somehow convinced me into it…. now the question is Pretzel making kit or white chocolate chip macedonian?

Worst Fake Sicker: Sarah…. “who is not faking”

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